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Basically it's the waves themselves that carry the energy.

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Q: How does energy move through waves?
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Does waves move energy through space no matter what?

Because of the force that it has, (kinetic)

What do seismic waves an sound waves have in common?

They both move energy through a field without moving a substance.

How are Waves are carriers of energy?

Waves are carriers of energy because waves are caused by energy flowing through the water making them move in a wavy motion. The waves are also caused by the wind blowing on the top of the water.

How does energy travel during earthquakes?

There are three types of vibrations:- Primary waves, Secondary waves and long waves. Primary waves can move through solid and liquid. Secondary waves move through only solids and long waves can only move along the surface of the earth's crust.

What is an energy that can travel through waves and move through empty space?

Gravitational (-GmM/r) and Electromagnetic (hf=hc/r) Energy.

How does radiant energy move?

radiant energy move by waves

What kind of wave does sound make?

Sound is a compression wave. Waves are basically movements in the medium through which energy travels. Compression waves cause the medium to move parallel to the energy movement. Electromagnetic waves, although they do not require a medium, move parallel to the transfer of energy.

Why do waves move?

many different reasons. wind can blow across the surface of the water, energy can pass through causing waves,

What kind of energy can travel in waves and can move through empty spaces?


What waves do not need matter to move?

Electromagnetic waves propagate (move) with their own energy.

What is the transfer of heat through energy waves called?

Transfer of heat energy through energy waves is called radiation.

How does heat move through the environment by radiation?

Just as light energy moves in the form of electromagnetic waves