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There is a coating on the film that is sensitive to light. When the camera button is pressed, the shutter opens, allowing light from the subject to fall on the film's surface. this creates the image.


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Images of light can be recorded by using photographic film or electronically by the use of photocells. The most common device is the camera, which can use either the analog or the digital method for recording.

they use soundwaves to produce the images.

Cameras record images. Images that we see with our eyes are fleeting - one moment they are there, the next moment they are gone. These same images can be recorded and stored using the now commonly available technology, cameras. Cameras can either be still-life cameras, which record still images, or video/movie cameras that record movement. The most common of the still cameras are the '35 mm cameras' which are so named because of the 35 mm size film that they use.

The duration of The Record - film - is 1.5 hours.

This new technology used semiconductor sensors instead of film to record images and then displayed the images on television screens or computer monitors rather than paper.

Camera in the film will store images so that it can be developed.

The duration of Permanent Record - film - is 1.52 hours.

Digital cameras take photos by digitally recording images. Film cameras used a chemically process to record images while the digital camera does it electronically via a small internal computer.. Images are recorded immediatley and can be stored in the camera and on memory cards.

The Record - film - was created on 2000-08-26.

Yes, you may record images of a conversation in Kenya. Kenyan federal law does not prohibit this, assuming the conversation is in a public place.

Permanent Record - film - was created on 1988-04-22.

images recorded using silver based film

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Go into the "Film" section and if you only have one controller connected, you can record the film that you are watching.

images that are captured and placed on to a film strips that contain video clips or picture clips and even audio.

It is called camera. Nowadays we have digital cameras with better resolution and clear image. The act of recording images of objects is called photography.

the name for a record or film made available before its official premiere is a PRERELEASE

Movie is a synonym (informal) for the word film. Until recently, the word film has been synonymous with words such as movie and motion pictures because photographic film was the medium that was used to record the images. In recent years, such recordings have been made using digital video cameras that don't require the use of film. See Sources and related links for more information.

Black Blood Black Images and the Horror Film - 2007 was released on: USA: 6 June 2009 (internet)

Back in the days before digital camera technology, images were recorded on film. Film was stored in metal or plastic canisters. These canisters were called film containers.

A sonogram is a radiological record using sounds to produce images of structures.

Some will record video with sound. Some will record video without sound.

I'm not completely sure how an animated film is made, but this is a guess:Write a screenplay about what the film is aboutPitch the film to the studio that will distribute the film (Ex. Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros., DreamWorks)Draw a storyboard which will show you how the film will look likeRecord the voices of the charactersStart working on the animationPost-production includes editing the film, record the score, and sometimes re-record some dialougeAdvertise the film and release it

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