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Things like hot pockets and microwave pizzas use what is called a susceptor (usually in the form of a sleeve or container). These susceptors convert microwave energy into heat, which help crisp up food in the microwave, countering the effects of sogginess that is synonymous with microwave ovens.

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Q: How does food get crispy in the microwave?
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Why does crispy food stay crispy only in air- tight containers?

Air from oil when you cook crispy food comes out of the food making it less crispy but when you put it in the air-tight containers , the air cannot escape so the crispy food remains crispy.

How can stored fried chicken be made crispy?

Reheat it in an oven rather than a microwave. It probably wont be as crispy but its the closest you can get.

Why the junk food is crispy after packing?

The junk food is crispy after packing because of airtight packing and it is not good for healthy.

What happens to solid food when in the microwave to long?

If the microwave is not energized, then the food will spoil. If the microwave is energized, then the food will burn.

Can you burn food in a microwave?

Yes, you can burn food in a microwave.

How can you get meatballs crispy in the microwave?

uhm im not really sure maybe put it in longer see if that works out for you

What makes food fried?

Fried food is made with a fryer. This makes the food crispy on the outside.

How do you get crispy crackling?

Crispy battered food can benefit from seltzer or beer in the batter, due to the carbonation. Tempura is a good example of this.

How do you heat up eggrolls?

You can microwave it. But for a crispier taste put it in the oven for about 5-10 mins or until warm and crispy.

Is it healthier to bake a potato in the oven versus the microwave?

Microwaves definitely speed up this long process, but they can destroy a lot of the nutrients and you just don't get the same crispy skin in the microwave.

Is halogen cooked food healthier than microwave cooked food?

halogen food is better than microwave food that i know

How does cooking happen in a microwave?

When food is placed inside the microwave oven, the microwave released will 'agitate' the water molecules in the food, which causes heat to be produced, which then cooks the food.

How a microwave heats food?

A microwave heats food by radiation No, a microware works with microwaves, not radiation.

Is microwave food unsafe?

not necessarily. Most microwave food is pretty safe. it kinda depends

Is food cooked in microwave oven harmful?

Food cooked in microwave ovens is perfectly safe. No microwave residue or any other type of radiation remains in the cooked food.

Is sterilite microwave safe?

All of Sterlite food storage items are microwave safe. They are designed to reheat food in the microwave. Use caution when reheating food high in sugar or fat as they can cause damage to microwave safe containers. See microwave manufacturer's instructions for information regarding the use of microwave safe containers in your microwave."

What words start with c describe tasty food?

Crunchy and crispy!

How many calories in a crispy chicken sandwich?

If you mean a fast food crispy chicken sandwich, there are different types. In a Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, for example, the are approximately 360 calories (36 carbohydratea).

How was the microwave used when originally invented?

The Microwave was used to cook food.

How does a microwave function?

It heats up and thaws the food that you have placed in the microwave

Is crispy a verb?

Crispy is not a verb. Crispy is an adjective.

What kind food is cooked in a microwave?

people food

What is the difference between microwave and stove cooked food?

microwave food is already cooked and put in the microwave to be heated stove cooked food is not already cooked and is cooked all the way on the stove

Why you need a code at microwave to reheat food?

A person doesn't often need to enter a code at a microwave if they want to reheat food. They simply program the microwave for how long they want the food to cook after they place the food inside.

Is it important to have a magnetron in a microwave?

The microwave cannot cook food without the magnetron that causes the food to heat up!