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Q: How does force between 2 point charges changes if the dielectric constant of medium in which they are kept increases?
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How capacitor is used to check freshness of fish?

Between the two plates of a capacitor lies a medium with a specific dielectric constant. Placing a fish between these plates changes to dielectric constant. If the fish is fresh it will be strong and tight, thus possessing a higher dielectric constant. If the fish is older, it's dielectric constant, or body, will be weaker due to decay.

What is the difference between a constant in a graph and a constant in a experiment?

the difference between a constant in a graph and a constant in a experiment is that when on a graph, the constant is the thing that changes, and in a experiment it is the part that stays the same.

What is the relationship between a variable and a constant?

By definition:a variable varies (changes) in valuea constant is constant (fixed) in value

If the temperature of a reaction increases what happens to the value of the equilibruim constant?

Equilibrium constant changes when temperature changes. For an endothermic reaction, the equilibrium constant increases with temperature while for an exothermic reaction equilibrium constant decreases with increase in temperature. Equilibrium constants are only affected by change in temperature.

How does a change in force effect accelaration?

Force is directly proportional to acceleration, so acceleration changes as force changes, whether it increases, decreases, or remains constant.

What is the Relationship and differences between culture and civilization?

The difference is that culture is constant while civilization changes The difference is that culture is constant while civilization changes

When a sound wave passes from air into water do you expect the frequency wavelength to change?

The speed of the wave increases, the frequency remains constant and the wavelength increases. The angle of the wave also changes.

What is photoemissive transducer?

Photoemissive transducer is the changes in dielectric varies the capacitance.

What changes as an object moves with a constant acceleration?

During constant acceleration, either the object's speed changes at a constant rate, or the direction of its motion changes at a constant rate, or both.

Why is force of gravity not constant?

Because it depends on things that can change.The force of gravity between two masses is proportional to the product of themasses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between theircenters. If either of their masses changes, or the distance between their centerschanges, then the gravitational force between them changes. If not, then theforce is constant.

Name the quantity that essentially changes when a body moves?

A moving body can be broken into the factors of mass and velocity. Momentum is the quantity that changes as velocity increases or decreases, assuming mass is held constant.

How does the total distance changes as the total time increases in case of uniformly motio?

For uniform motion, distance = velocity*time where uniform implies that the velocity is a constant. Therefore distance = v*time and so, if time increases by t, the distance increases by vt.