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Force on an object accelerates the object. That means it can make the object

go faster, go slower, or change the direction it's moving.

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What does gravity effect the motion of objects?

Gravity provides a force; any net force will result in an acceleration, i.e., a change of motion.

What is the cause of motion and its effect?

all motion is caused by a force acting on a object that is equal to or greater than the resistance to that force. one effect of motion is that the object gains kinetic energy which is (the volocity * the objects mass)

Does the mass effect the velocity of an object in orbit?

No objects in motion stay in motion barring external force (drag in air)

What force is needed to keep objects in circular motion?

Centripetal force is the force that makes objects revolve in circular motion.

How can a net force cause motion?

best example is the domino effect, the first impact of force doesn't need to be great even the motion of the wind can create force, also growth can create force by expansion. and create the domino effect. motion can be created by the expansion of touch of two objects.

Objects in motion are the result of what force?

Objects in motion are the result of unbalanced forces.

What is the force that opposes motion between two objects?

Friction is the force that opposes motion between two objects.

Why do objects not remain in constant motion?

Objects do not remain in constant motion because of newton's 2nd law of motion: objects in motion remain in motion forever unless acted upon by an outside force. Therefore, objects do not remain in motion because they have been acted upon by and outside force ( balanced force ).

How does friction always effect the motion of objects?

Friction inhibits the motion of objects.

Why does gravity control motion?

Gravity exerts a force on objects; forces change the motion of objects.

How does an unbalanced and balance force affect an objects motion?

An Unbalanced force accelerates an object and a balanced force has no effect on an object.Balanced forces do not affect motion at all. An object with fully balanced forces does not change its velocity or start moving.Unbalanced forces (giving a resultant force) create acceleration or deceleration in a certain direction.an unbalanced force acting on an object will change the objects motion. a balanced force acting on an object will not change the objects motiontalinnn

What effect do balanced forces have on the motion of objects?

Balanced forces do not alter the motion of objects.

How does fricction effect the movement of object?

It provides a force in the direction opposite to the objects motion thus slowing it down.

What is the change in objects position called?

The change in an objects position is called motion.

What effect does a net force have on a objects motion?

Newtons 1st law states that a body will continue in motion or at rest unless a net force acts upon it. If the net force is repelling the object then it will decelerate. However if the net force acts in any other direction it will cause a change in the objects velocity.

Is inertia a scientific force?

More than a force, it really is the law in which objects in motion stay in motion and objects at rest stay at rest.

Does a force always change an objects motion?

it usually does, but if the force is balanced, it will not change the object's motion

What action has the ability to change an objects motion?

it's force the action that has the ability to change an objects motion...

Why is it useful to know the net force?

If you know the net force on an object, you can determin the effect of the net force on the objects motion. (I got this answer from my text book. Therefore, it's right)

What is the force that opposes motion when moving objects over a surface called?

The force that opposes motion when moving objects over a surface is called friction

A force acting on an object does no work if?

the force is not in the direction of the objects motion.

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