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Q: How does garbage affect the water we drink?
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How water affect human?

water afect humans because it give us something to drink and give us energy

How does garbage situation affect the condition of the soil air water in your community?

To kill it.

How will no water affect us?

if we have no water to drink in then you'll die if you don't drink it in 3 days.

Why is dangerous to drink sea water?

the sea is contained by germs,garbage,and etc it is also very salty

What do you mean by waterpollution?

Water pollution is when water is considered unclean, not fresh enough to drink due to pollution (trash, garbage, waste, etc.)

How the disposal of garbage etc affect living organism in river?

they can't survive in water and may die...

How do mills affect your respiratory system?

They clean the water you drink

Why is there a need to clean up the waste water coming from factories and garbage in dump sites?

because it may cause of poison when we drink it.

How does the dirty water affect the polio disease?

because the cows drink the water too. ;D

Why should we not drink cold water in puberty?

It doesnt affect much whether you drink hot or cold water. Ayurveda tells that drinking hot water helps digest properly. Maybe that's why drink hot water.

Does it affect if you drink warm water that has turned cold?

yes it gives you the poos

Can you suggest solutions for pollution disease and garbage in rivers?

Suggestions of pollution disease garbage in river may depend on the source of the garbage and the resources available to make the river water safe for animals and humans. Learn of the Water Cycle and from that example of the water evaporating from the ocean and going to the clouds to rain on the mountains and ground and to go through the rivers and minerals, you can create your own water cycle to clean the river water for animals and humans. For example, at the beach, you cannot drink the ocean water, but you can dig a hole in the sand and drink the water from it because the water is somewhat filtered, albeit, brackish tasting. If the garbage is a huge problem, you can make a campaign for teaching people to not through garbage in your river. You can make lots of videos of the garbage, make a website to show all the videos and create awareness online and offline to make trashy people be a little more embarrassed to throw trash in your river.