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Doesn't affect it. 98.5 is the body temperature for normal human.

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Q: How does gender affect body temperature?
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Does temperature affect chicken gender in an incubator?

No stuies have shown that temperature affects the gender at all.

Which of the following is not a factor that influences body temperature A the brain B gender C the skin D the environmental temperature?


List and describe three factors that may affect body temperature?

One of the biggest things that affects body temperature is illness. The rise in temperature is due to the body fighting infection. Exposure to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can affect the temperature of the body. The time of day can also affect the temperature of your body, which is generally higher later in the day.

Do medication affect body temperature?

Some medication may affect body temperature. It can increase or decrease body temperature. I.e. tylenol may decrease temperature if you have fever. Some stimulant may increase temperature when used, etc.

Do blood thinners affect body temperature?


Does the temperature effect the gender of an egg?

No. But there has been studies done on whether difference in temperatures affect the gender of the CHICK in the egg, and consequently, it actually does!

In which species is egg temperature most likely to affect the gender of the young?

Leatherback turtle

How does the time of day affect your body's temperature?

I think that it does because if it is cold , your body temperature goes lower and if its hot or warm your body temperature will rise

How does the outside temperature affect the body temperature?

The outside temperature affects the body temperature because it the body temperature will try to regulate itself. For example, if the temperature outside is cold, the body will generate heat as much as possible to maintain a core temperature.

Does stress affect body temperature?


How does exercise affect body temperature?

as you exercise your body temperature will increase, then to help the body cool off you start to sweat.

How does pain affect body temperature?

It increases body temo

Will your body temperature affect the temperature of water in a pool?

Yes,ower body can effect the water in a pool

Does gender affect taste?

it does. taste affects your taste because of the hormones in your body.

How does gender affect religion?

Gender doesn't affect religion at all. If gender did affect religion it would be totally Bias. Well, there is your answer on "does gender affect religion."

Why would homeothermy be an advantage to an organism?

the organism maintains the same body temperature. Therefore, enviornmental temperature doesn't affect its body temperature.

Does wind affect body temperature?


How can acohol affect your body temperature?

Drinkink acohol cools down your core body temperature but makes outer body and face warmer.

Does temperature affect weight?

No. Temperature or heat is a form of energy and cannot affect the mass hence weight of a body. It does however change the volume thereby changing the density of a body.

How will asthma affect body temperature?

To my knowledge, and after a quick browse through various medical pages and forums, I do not think Asthma will affect the body temperature (seldom, having an asthma attack might lower or raise your temperature as your body goes into "shock mode".) However, if anything, body temperature, I.E: lowering of the body temperature when sleeping or heightening of the temperature when exercising can be a trigger to asthma; but not the other way around.

How does the skeletal muscle function affect the maintenance of body temperature?

If the muscles quit working the body temperature starts to drop

Is it possible for some snakes to change their gender?

No. However - it is possible for the mother snake to determine the gender of her offspring - by choosing the temperature at which her eggs will be incubated (or her own body temperature in the case of live-bearers)

Why doesnt weight affect your body temperature?


Does the time of day affect your body's temperature?


How does age affect body temperature?

hube cape