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how the globalization and internet affect your daily life

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Q: How does globalization affect your daily life?
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How can economic globalization Affect your life or your families?

economy has a big impact towards your life, it can change your lifestyle and actions, however economic globalization can affect the life of yourself and families by; given a reduction of usual cost of money, level rises of v.a.t. and not enough to spend on families or others.

Give me 20 examples of how numbers affect your daily life?

How do we use the number 80 in are daily life?

How you affect rocks in daily life?

grinding them throwing them

How does bulimia affect daily life?

yourr mum

How do immigrants affect your daily life?

I need this aswell :(

How does research affect your daily life?

hush mfer

How does a barometer affect daily life?

its used in aircrafts

How did qin affect daily life?

its all a lie

How does Christianity affect daily life?

Christianity can affect daily life in a positive way if deeply committed. Times of prayer, meditation, and reading can add a new perspective.

How can perpendicular lines affect your daily life?

If the walls in your house were not perpendicular they would probably topple over and you would no longer have a daily life for perpendicular lines to affect.

How does globalization affects the daily lives of Filipinos?

It makes life more difficult!! Prices of some commodities skyrocket!! Jobs are lost!!

What factors affect the globalization of an business?

Various factors can affect the globalization of a business. For example, cultural factors may affect how viable a product is in a certain location.