How does god make snow?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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God doesn't make snow, its just the cycle of the weather in the sky

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Q: How does god make snow?
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What is aisoyimstan who rides a white horse in black foot mythology?

He is the god of snow and ice. Would have been faster to google it yourself I guess :-)for the god of snow.

Who is the Greek God of snow?

The Greek Goddess of snow is Cionh.

Who made snow?

God did

What is a Snow White dove?


Snow damage an act of god?


How do you make snow on dust?

To make snow on dust, you can use a fine water mist to dampen the dust particles. As the water freezes, it will create a snowy effect on the dust. This can be a fun experiment to simulate snowfall in a controlled environment.

What can you make out of snowballs on minecraft?

You can make snow blocks, by putting snowballs in a 2x2 square and you can use snow blocks to make a snow golem by placing a snow block on the ground, then a snow block on top of the other snow block and then you put a jack-a-lantern or a pumpkin on top of the snow stack and then you get a snow golem.

Who is the Finnish Snow god responsible for all the great white stuff that blankets the UP in the winter?

Heikki Lunta is the Finnish snow god responsible for making it snow. This is a legend from Michigan originating in the 1970s in the Upper Peninsula.

How do you make snow on the alxemy game?


How do you make a snow on the alxemy game?


How do you make insta-snow into a science fair project?

You make insta snow into a project by compareing regular snow that falls from the sky and insta snow

Is it going to snow in Kansas?

Its going to snow on the 15th of December in kansas!!! maybe not maybe! im not god!