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I suppose that this is a biochemical reaction.

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Why are you getting gray hair suddenly?

Getting grey hair is purely biological. It happens to everyone eventually.

What is the chemical responsible for gray hair?

There is no chemcial responsible for grey hair. It is actually the lack of it: when the follicle stops producing melanin the hair turns grey.

What makes hair grey?

Grey hair can be caused by old age or illness.

If you use gell will your hair go grey?

No, using Gel will not make your hair go grey. Grey hair is caused by your genetics (family history).

How do you get gray hair?

You will begin to get grey hair after stress, anger, or of age. Truly there is not really grey hair it just looks grey it is really white.

How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

How do you stop grey pubic hair from growing?

remove the grey hair once you see it

Does laser hair removal work for those with grey hair?

No, laser hair removal does not work for those with grey hair because the laser targets melanin in your hair. Grey and white hair does not contain any melanin; therefore, it is impossible to treat it.

If you pull a grey hair will more grow back?

The hair that you pulled out, will grow back grey.

Does stress cause grey hair?

Well to start off grey hair can be cause by alot of thing such as age and stress. So to answer your question yes stress can cause grey hair.

What age do pubic hair go grey?

Just a guess but the same time your hair goes grey

How do you turn gray hair on beard?

Get grey hair dye or just let it turn natural grey.

If I dye my dark hair with a darker permanent colour will my hair be grey when it wears off?

Permanent colour doesn't wear off. Your natural colour grows out. If you were grey before you dyed your hair then the roots will grow out grey. Colour doesn't make your hair turn grey.

What shampoo can make your natural hair colour lighter?

This is not really a shampoo, but hydrogen perozxide can make your hair lighter for a period of time. This chemical is like a dye for your hair, though some of the side affects include premature grey hair and hair loss.

What Peroxide volume should i use to dye grey hair?

You use 20 volume to cover grey hair.

Do gray hair increase on picking gray hair?

no, not realy the hair will just grow back. There is no such thing as grey hair unles died grey. People just say it is grey, but it is really white. Check it out look up close!!!!

What is Taylor Lautners favorite hair colour?

Taylor Lautner's favourite hair colour is grey. He finds that people with grey hair are more mature.

Why do men get grey hair at young age?

Grey hair may be brought on by stress, and it's something that can happen to women as well. Men with lighter hair colors may face grey hair much quicker simply because of the color.

Why do you have gray hair at thirty?

You are likely to have premature grey hair.

Why has your hair not gone gray?

my hair is all pink, no grey

Is stress and gray hair related?

no if you are stressed it does not mean that you are going to get grey hair. but aging can. So if your getting older and your hair turning grey i suggest you die them.

What is the chemical formula for hair?

the chemical formula for hair is (Polymers)

Why does your hair turns grey because the pigment granules found in the outer layer of hair?

Hair turns grey or white due to the absence of pigment within the keratin.

Can you put soap on your hair to remove grey hair?

no because that would just be like washing your hair! Does it get rid of the grey bits? No it doesnt! By Emily,bffs with chloe

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