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Some movies are made from historical events. Things like war can decrease production or viewing of a movie. Recessions can also bring down the production or viewing of a movie.

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How do movies affect your memory?

Movies do affect your memory. They are affected by the pictures in the head of people

Movies with the word history in the title?

The History Boys," "History of the World - Part 1," There are also several movies which are simply called, "History."

Where can one watch history movies online?

Television's History channel has many historical movies and specials available to watch on their website. Also, websites such as Movie Watch List have history movies available.

How did polonium and radium affect history?

Polonium and radium doesn't affect history.

Can movies affect moods?


Which are best roman mythology and history movies?

There are many great movies concerning Roman History, some of them are Cleopatra, Spartacus, Jesus from Nazareth.

What does not affect the the formation of magma?

Star Wars movies do not affect the formation of magma.

How did the diocientian affect the course of roman history?

how did the emperor diocletian affect the course of roman history

How did superhero comics affect society?

by the movies!

How INDIAN movies affect on youth?

Some people feel that violence in Indian movies is?ænegatively affecting the youth. Many others feel that Indian movies positively affect youth by teaching them about life.

How did emperor Dicoletian affect the course of Roman history?

how did Emperor Dicocletian affect the course of roman history?

How can geography affect the history of a group of people?

Geography can affect the history of a group by distroying the artifacts

Can watching movies on Netflix affect your mind?

No more than watching movies anywhere else can.

What affet does religion have on history?

Religion doesn't have affect on history its just your bloody face that had an affect on history every since you were born you made history SUCK. k baii.

Is the name Jonah named after a movie?

No, movies are a recent invention in history, the name predates movies

What affect does the Greek history have on the American history?

Greek history was the foundation for democracy in American History.... :-)

How did the Harlem Renaissance affect American history?

Harlem renaissance affect America history through the slave issues

Do 3d movies affect your sleep?

yes they do affect your sleep.they make your brain nerves also harmful for your eyes.3d games,movies and tv's are not advisable

Do movies affect your blood pressure?

yes they do if you watch a scary movies your blood pressure will go up!

What is the history behind Friday release of the movies?


Where is a list of historical movies?

List of historical documentary movies here:

How do movies affect the youth?

Movies affect the youth in a huge way nowadays. A movie is a way to escape this life. Kids see what's in the movie as real life, whatever it is.

How does history affect regional areas?

I believe that regional areas are not affected by history. Actually i think is the opposite. I think that regional areas affect history but how is a different question.

How homer affect history?

he was nice to history because he's great

What does impact mean in history?

It means how did it affect something or change history.