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How does hooverville relate to the Great Depression?


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It happenes during the Great Depression.

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Hooverville was a popular name for shanty towns built by homeless people during thr Great Depression KIMBERLY

hooverville, System of batering, and the stock market crash.

During the depression, my grandparents lived in the Hooverville of Indianapolis.

A Hooverville was the popular name for shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression.

There is no city called Hooverville. It was a name for homeless camps during the Great Depression. The Hoover Dam is on the border of Nevada and Arizona.

Woody Guthrie lived through the Great Depression and wrote songs about it.

The story takes place in Maycomb during the Great Depression.

the reason that the hoovervilles were stablished was so that the homeless people during the great depression would have a place to live/ reside

Hoovervilles were shantytowns during President Hoovers term also during The Great DepressionYes, they were places where homless, jobless people lived. They consisted of small shacks. This was during the 1930's (The Great Depression)

unemployment money losses bank lost all there money people lost there homes; lived in hooverville

There is no city in Nevada named Hooverville. Hooverville is term used for a crudely built camp put up usually on the edge of a town to house the dispossessed and destitute, it is a practice that started during the depression of the 1930s. There are no cities named Hooverville in the US.

Homerville's were names for shanty towns that were built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after former President Herbert Hoover.

The word 'Hooverville' in the Great Depression was named after the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover because he allegedly let the nation fall into a depression. 'Hoovervilles' were nothing more than shanty towns built for the homeless.

People mostly blame President Hoover that's why people named those homeless people's little towns Hooverville because they blamed him.

Hoovervilles, named after President Hoover, who was blamed for the problems that led to the depression, sprung up throughout the United States. and during the great depresion

A Hooverville is a small run down kind of town built by homeless people during the depression era when Herbert Hoover was president.

A Hooverville was the popular name for shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after the President of the United States at the time, Herbert Hoover, because he allegedly let the nation slide into depression. So "hoovervillers" would be people who lived in Hoovervilles...

The great depression of the 1930's influenced the power and alliances of the nations involved in WW2.

Yes he was to blame and things like "Hooverville" are testament to how the public blamed him.

No. Hooverville was a term for make-shift housing that people who had lost their housing might move into. The term was a slam on President Hoover. People blamed him for the depression.

the great depression appeared to disprove the classical theory that demand and supply could return to a healthy equilibrium through market forces alone

They both occurred approximately the same time during the 1930's.

What did the Great Depression effect? What was the effect of the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression , people lost money so people with no income would just build a Hooverville which can be made with many kinds of materials such as cardboard boxes, refrigerator boxes, and what ever they can find

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