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How does human activity affect the water cycle?


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humans can't be effective to our cycle


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Human activities can affect water cycle. As a result, it becomes imbalanced.

The ecological imbalance will cause water cycle to end. Human activities will affect the water cycle adversely.

Human activities affect water cycle. It should be maintained by afforestation, reducing pollution.

One human activity that can affect water quality is polluting in water, such as dumping your oil into a body of water that is used for a water source.

Human plays an integral role. He may positively or negatively affect water cycle.

It can affect the Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and Water Cycle.

No.Human activity (burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity) is having a serious effect on the carbon cycle, by adding extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.Human activity (pollution, overuse) is having a serious effect on the water cycle and the amount of fresh water available to our communities.

Rivers and streams provide water for evaporation. They affect the water cycle.

Human activities impact the water cycle largely. It have a great negative impact on water cycle.

The earth's water supply stays the same but humans can alter the cycle. As population increases, and living standards rise this can increase the demand for water. This can create an imbalance and change the quality and quantity of the water. Humans impact the water cycle by polluting the water in rivers, streams, reservoirs etc. So they can impact it less by reducing trash that goes into storm drains.We are polluting it with harmful chemicals and disgusting substances. Technically we as humans cannot alter the water cycle, however, we can mess it up by dumping waste into the ocean.A:When we talk about the water cycle moving water vapor in and out of the atmosphere, there are no human activities that can affect that. Water vapor will still evaporate into the atmosphere whether the ground water is dirty or clean.

Yes deforestation affect water cycle. The rate of transpiration decreases.

Technology can pollute the water cycle.

It doesn't, the water cycle affects weather.

There are many natural resources that are extremely important to human activity, but without water human activity could not exist. Therefore, water is vital.

Human activities disturb water cycle. Human cut trees and cause pollution.

Water cycle brings water to the ecosystem. The water is replenished back.

Landforms affect water cycle. The direction of wind also causes variations.

Deforestation affect water cycle in a serious way. It slows down the process of transpiration.

Pesticides pollute the water. It affects water cycle adversely.

Water cycle can be interrupted by deforestation. Water pollution can also affect it.

The answer to this really depends on what you class as a Human activity. For example if there is a drainage system then 'hedgerows' can be depleted of their water which can lead to an unnourished as the nutrition which is carried by the water and is now in the drainage system.

The water cycle gets disturbed by human activities. Pollution also hinders the water cycle.

Yes water cycle affect weather pattern and climate. They are changed after precipitation.

Deforestation causes ecological imbalance.The rate of transpiration decreases which affect water cycle.

It can affect the water because many substances can be cought on a animal and put into a human's hands .

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