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Through a series of step up Transformers, high voltage transmission lines, step down transformers, primary lines, more step down transformers, secondary lines, dip service to your house, through a power authority meter and finally to your main service panel board.

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How is hydro-electricity used?

To power every electricity source in your house

How do you get hydro electricity?

we can get hydro electricity from the water which is re useable all the time

What does hydro-electricity do?

Hyro-electricity is the same as any other electricity. the Hydro- prefix merely denotes how the electricity was generated, in this case it was generated at a hydro-electric plant which uses the potential energy of elevated water to generate electricity.

How many African countries rely on the Nile for hydro-electricity?

Many African countries depend on the Nile for Hydro electricity because they need electricity

How is hydro electricity connected to renewable energy?

Provided water was available in dams, hydro electricity can be produced indefinitely.

What is a hydro-electracity?

hydro-electricity is water power of energy

Is hydro power related to photo voltaic cells?

No, hydro power is electricity from water. Photo voltaic is electricity from sunlight.

Where is hydro electricity found?

So you need to find water to find hydro

Which province is Canada's largest producer of hydro-electricity?

Well I live in BC and it does a lot of hydro power the the greatest is Quebec.

How does hydro electricity flow?

Hydro electricity is electricity generated by moving water, usually from dams nowadays. Electrical power is all the same. It flows through wires.

What are the three resources of electricity in Pakistan?

Major source of electricity in Pakistan is hydro. Hydro electricity is generated by 5 major dams of the country. Other means of electricity generation include thermal and atomic.

Facts about hydro electricity?

The first ever hydroelectric power plant started producing electricity in 1882.

How reliable is hydro electricity?

As long as the rain keeps falling in the catchment area, hydro electricity is very reliable. It will run day and night if required, as the water is stored up behind the dam. If the rainfall is unreliable, then hydro electricity is unreliable too.

What are the types of electricity?

Hydro,static and current.

What type of dam is the three gorges dam?

hydro-electricity,thermal electricity,

How different are electricity prices in comparison to hydro prices?

Electricity Prices are generally a lot higher than Hydro Prices due to the fact that electricity is much more common and needs to be more heavily distributed. Hydro has a larger installation fee, however.

What is hydro power plant?

A hydro power plant is a 'factory' where electricity is produced from the power of water.

Does hydro electricity use fossil fuels?

No hydro power is water and water is a renewable resource.

Is hydro electricity one word?

Yes, it is considered one word, hence the prefix hydro- means water . Hydroelectricity = generating water by means of electricity.

Why is hydro-electricity a clean source of energy?

Hydro-electricity is a clean source of energy. It is because energy is harnesses from flowing water. It does not cause pollution.

How does hydroelectricity help the society?

Hydro electricity is creted by giant turbines under usually dams or bridges and helps to power thousands of house

What else besides electricity is hydroelectricity be used for?

for rivers in Jamaica that can be used for hydro electricity

Is electricity a resource of Canada?

Hydro electricity is plentiful . There are many dams with power stations.

What are the waterfalls that generate electricity in Philippines?

waterfalls can generate hydro-electricity by the force of the water

Do waves transfers energy?

waves do not transfer energy but they can manufacture electricity (hydro electricity)

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