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Q: How does hydrogen peroxide dissolve solids?
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Does hydrogen peroxide dissolve plastic?

What kind of plastic? Hydrogen peroxide solution comes in plastic bottles.

Why does water dissolve an alka seltzer tablet faster then hydrogen peroxide?

because the Ph is 33 when hydrogen peroxide is 12

Does hydrogen peroxide dissolve sugar?

Yes it does. i did it in a lab in school with lifesavers

Is peroxide a gas?

Peroxide, which commonly is used to mean hydrogen peroxide is a liquid. Most other peroxides are either liquids or solids. Elemental oxygen (O2) is a gas but it is not considered a peroxide.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide as nail polish remover?

No, as it will dissolve the newsprint. You should use rubbing alcohol.

Is hydrogen found in water?

The most common compound of hydrogen and oxygen is better known as "Water".Hydrogen and oxygen also forms Hydrogen Peroxide.

What type of reaction happens when a hamburger meat is combined together with hydrogen peroxide?

When hamburger meat comes into contact with hydrogen peroxide, a decomposition reaction occurs. The hamburger meat will dissolve due to the enzymes in the hydrogen peroxide eating away at the meat, and it will break down into its simpler substances. a very bad tasting one

Is Hydrogen peroxide teething whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide is a teeth whitener, google "hydrogen peroxide teeth."

What is the difference in hydrogen and hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen is an element.Hydrogen peroxide is a compound.

What are the chemical properties of hydrogen peroxide?


Is hydrogen peroxide a reactant?

I think Hydrogen Peroxide is a reactant,because hydrogen and oxygen are reactants so hydrogen peroxide should be a reactant.

Can solids dissolve?

Of course! However, note that solids will dissolve in liquid.