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How does iodine kill germs?

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The microbiocidal action of Iodine is due to the active form, I2, which is polarized by water and like all halogens (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc.), acts as an extremely potent oxidizer. Activated iodine (I2) reacts in electrophilic reactions with enzymes of the respiratory chain as well as with amino acids located in cell membrane and cell wall proteins. The well-balanced tertiary structure necessary for maintaining the respiratory chain as well as cell integrity is destroyed and the microorganism is irreversibly damaged.

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Purple colored crystals that are added to water to kill germs?

Most likely crystals of Iodine. Iodine is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Does ammonia kill germs?

I f Ammonia products don't claim on their labels that they kill germs, it's because they can NOT kill germs.

What element is used on cuts and wounds to kill germs?

Iodine. In small amounts, it's harmless to the body, but lethal to microorganisms and individual cells.

What germs do you kill in boiled water?

When you boil water, you will kill all germs that are in it.

Can you kill germs?

yes, germs can be killed

Does soap kill germs?

Soap can kill germs but can't get rid of them permanently. They will keep coming back. Don't buy 'can kill 99.9% of germs because not only does it kill bad germs, but it kills the good ones too.

Does hot water kill germs or does cold water kill germs?

I know for sure hot water kills germs

Does dish soap kill germs?

it can kill most of the germs but it is not guaranteed. it will probably kill about 99 percent of bacteria and germs with only 1 percent to spread again.

Is calamansi can kill germs?

Calamansi can kill germs because of its acid. Just like vinegar...^_*

How do germs kill you?

It seems they can get you sick but not kill you

Does vinegar kill germs?

yes vinegar kills germs

Does milk kill germs?

yep it can cure people with germs

Can germs have a good side?

Yes, they can kill other germs

Does salt kill germs?

Yes, it kills most germs.

Can steam kill germs?

Steam is used to sterilize instruments for surgery. Yes, it can certainly kill germs!

Why tincture iodine is used to protect wound from germs?

because it is disinfected

What does antiseptic and disinfectant mean and what are two examples of each?

A disinfectant is a substance, such as Lysol or alcohol that you put on surfaces like countertops or toilet seats to kill germs and other microbes. An antisceptic is used to kill germs and microorganisms, typically used on the skin and to clean out wounds. Hydrogen Peroxide or iodine are good examples.

What do antitoxins do?

kill germs

Will germs kill you?

yes it can

Does vinger kill germs?


Does iodine kill fungus?

it depends on the fungus and the amount of iodine

Does iodine kill viruses?

Iodine can kill some weak viruses but non of the stronger ones. Iodine is an element that is needed for the production of thyroid hormone.

What reduces germs on the surface but doesn't kill the germs?

Sanitation methods clan and reduce germs on the surface but do not kill the germs. That's why it is very important to read the labels on all your cleaning supplies, because on most of them they're two sets of directions one is for disinfecting (which will kill most germs) and the cleaning which doesn't kill any it just removes the dirt.

The similarities and differences of antibiotics and disinfectants?

they all kill germs but antibiotics fight diseases within your body (internal germs), and disinfectants kill external germs. desinfectants in not for internal use it can kill if used internaly.

Does hot or cold temperatures kill bacteria?

hot water can not exactly kill germs and cold wter does not have a chance but boiling water can kill all the germs