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You would without question die for that person.

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Q: How does it feel like physically to be in love?
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What is kissing supposed to feel like physically?

for a second your whole body goes numb and it feels like love

How do you know if im in love if i only like his personality not physically atracted?

That depends, the thing is, you can generally tell if you are in love with someone, because you feel the need to flirt with them, your heart pounds and your legs feel all geloid! You will know when you are in love!

Why does love feel good?

Being in love feels good emotionally and physically. This is because being in love releases powerful chemicals from the brain that make a person feel wonderful.

When was Love It When I Feel Like This created?

Love It When I Feel Like This was created on 2007-06-04.

Can you feel it when someone loves you?

Answer: You can't necessarily feel when someone loves you like a hit. You can tell by that person just always wanting to give you everything.Answer: Yes, no, and yes again.When someone loves you, and the love is wanted, you do feel the person's love because you usually feel happier, giddier, and to many, "fuzzier" inside.However, the love isn't necessarily felt physically; that is, unless it is expressed physically through things such as hugging, kissing, and becoming sexually intimate.

What does physical addiction mean?

it means they feel like they physically need it

What can psychological fatigue make you feel like?

Worn out and physically tired.

How do you feel when you love that person?

like you're in love.

How would you know if you in love?

you feel like there is a guitar you feel like there is a guitar

Does vampire feel love?

yup. vampires do feel love; just like humans but they feel it differently. it depends.

When was Feel Like Makin' Love - album - created?

Feel Like Makin' Love - album - was created in 1975-03.

What does it feel like to have a penis in your butt?

Like love.

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