How does it take till the sperm comes out in sex?


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not long after orgasim

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When a man's penis enters a woman's vagina, sperm comes out. The sperm joins the eggs, and then a baby is formed. (Basically, you have sex)

It is possible that if only little sperm comes out during sex that a women could get pregnant, only if a sperm attaches itself to the tissue of the urethra. (The hole above vagina, which is a tube to the bladder.)

yes, usually what "comes out" directly following sex is SOME of the semen. MOST of it is still in you && it contains millions of microscopic sperm on a direct mission to find your egg.

the sperm comes out of the penis, during sex, and goes into the vagina

ofcoures you should no this if you are old enough to even have sex but it is SPERM!!! AKA CUM!!

As soon as you can get a second erection, your sperm is good to go.

You shove it in the girls vagina, and sperm comes out of your penis.

That is the fluid preduced by the testicals to carry sperm.

It's the semen that comes out. It did it's job and brought the sperm to the vagina.

Yes, most people don't get it till 13 but it depends on your testicles no u should have it when your born but also if you have had sex. My friend is 8 and had sex so he got sperm and my brother is 9 and has not had sex and has some I see in the restroom gross.

Yes, this is normal, but it is usually not sperm that is coming out. It's all the extra fluid. If you are TTC then don't worry about what comes out. The sperm will get where it needs to go.

The white stuff that comes out of your vagina after sex is your mates sperm. It's normal. Don't Panick!

If there is sperm or semen left in the penis or the vagina after sex it can wash out later with your urine. This is no problem at all and perfectly natural.

a phase change is where you go and have sex and when the sperm comes outt there you go

Masterbation, wet dreams, hand jobs, oral/anal sex, intercourse.

Have sex with her while she's ovulating. "ovulating" is when her egg comes out into her womb, so that after you have sex it can meet your sperm, and she'll be pregnant.

During sex, sperm goes in the vagina. Urine comes out of the urethra. These tubes are not connected, so a woman does not "pee sperm out" in any circumstance.

No it cannot. Urination comes from a different part of the vagina. The sperm would be heading to the whom going to fertilize the egg. It is impossible.

Sperm gets out of you if you are masturbating or having sex. When you have sex and don't want to have a child, use a condom. If you do want a child, just have sex until you ejaculate your sperm.

You can get pregnant if you are having unprotected sex, even if he pulls out before he comes. Because there is also a pre-come wich has sperm in it. Do not have unprotected sex unless you are ready to become a parent.

not having regular sex I don't have regular sex. My sperm is not yellowish.

When they masturbate or have sex. Gay sex is easier for buys to create sperm.

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