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Kidney cancer affects your bones and lungs

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Q: How does kidney cancer affect the body?
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How Kidney cancer affects the body?

Kidney cancer affects your bones and lungs

What organ does kidney cancer affect?

Cancer tends to spread, therefore it can affect any organ.

What part of the body does kidney cancer affect?

The kidney. but most cancers can spread, so if it got bad enough it might spread to other parts.

How does kidney cancer affect each of the following levels of organization in the human body?

the diseases affect this level of organisation in all the parts of the body. by destroying its cells to not funtion well,,

How and where does kidney cancer arise?

Kidney, or renal, cancer occurs in the kidneys. It can develop from a tumor or it can spread there from another part of the body.

How does the kidney work with other body systems to keep the body healthy?

A kidney is a type of bean (Kidney bean). its pinkish, and it can give you cancer called kidney cancer to cure it you should just get a whole new kidney you better be lucky somebody giving you their kidney because i sure would not

How does steriods affect your health?

kidney cancer,blood clotting and cholesterol changes, liver cysts and cancer

What causes kidney cancer in adults?

Causes for kidney cancer can be multiple it can range from genetics to enviornmental exposure. Certain genes code for cancer specific to the kidney. Also certain cancers may spread from other parts of the body to the kidney. Smoking is a major risk factor for renal / kidney cancer.

Which body systems does colon cancer affect?

The colon cancer affect the digestive system.

What system does cancer affect?

most of the time the cancer effect heart or kidney but it is not nessery it can hurt any organ

What part of the body does skin cancer generally affect?


Can cancer affect every tissue in the body?

Yes, anywhere in the body can be attacked by cancer.

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