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How does lack of sleep affect your brain?

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it slows down your thinking and it makes you notconcentrate very well

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How does lack of sleep affect the body?

you wont be able to concentrate as well and the lack of sleep is not good for your body and brain as well as your bones.

Does a lack of sleep affect your math grade?

Yes lack of sleep affect ur math grade.

Does lack of sleep affect your memory?

It can. If you are sleep deprived, your memory can suffer.

How does lack of sleep affect a sports performer?

A lack of sleep can affect a sports perfomer by making the body become slow and not work as fast as it would if you got the correct amount of sleep you needed and it also causes your brain to process slow and you may become irritiable towards some people or just to tired to continue what you are doing.

How does lack of sleep affect your coordination?

Lack of sleep affects your coordination by causing your reactions to slow down. When you suffer from lack of sleep, your body and mind suffers in different ways.

Does no sleep affect brain cells?


How does sleep affect your brain?

tero bauko thauko

How does Type 2 Diabetes affect your health?

Lack of sleep

What is lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep is where you do not sleep as long as you normally do. For instance if you went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 7:30am , then started going to sleep at 3am and waking up at 8am. Lack of sleep is not good at all, you may think its fun but really it is affecting your health and hurting your brain.

How does a lack of sleep affect behavior?

you could get annoyed and irritated easily

How does lack of sleep affect your reflexes on a video game?

your eyes get tired

How does lack of sleep affect sports performance?

Because you need a certain amount of sleep so your body can wake up.

How does not having annough sleep affect you?

Lack of sleep affects the body, can cause problems with the body weight or health issues.

Will lack of sleep effect atheltic performance?

yes of corse it will the more sleep the better but don't worry it won't affect it much

Who does lack of sleep affect?

it causes eye bag or swollen eyes. Causes skin dullness.

Can low iron affect your sleep?

yes low iron can affect sleep. many side affects are also linked to lack of sleep, poor school work, attitude, muscles, eyes, ability to concentrate etc.

What is bad for the brain?

Lack of sleep poor nutrition abusing alcohol lack of mental stimulation lack of oxygen hard or abrupt impacts or blows to the head drug abuse (excluding marijuana)

How less lack of sleeping affect eyes?

I am assuming you mean "how does a lack of sleep effect your eyes?" Low levels of sleep will cause redness in the whites of the eyes and will cause you to get dark circles under the eyes.

How does sleep affect the way you play sports?

Well, its pretty simple. Do you think you could play a sport very well if you are about to collapse from lack of sleep?

How does lack of sleep affect human behavior?

Yes. People become cranky, moody and have problems concentrating

How does light affect snakes?

They need the radiant heat of the sun to enliven them, and light or lack of it tells them when to sleep.

Why do pugs want to sleep a lot?

They can't breathe well and the lack of oxygen cuts off the brain activity so they sleep more than other dogs.

Lack of oxygen to the brain?

This is a statement, but I will answer it. The lack of oxygen to the brain results in brain damage and death.

Will A human begin to die sooner from lack of sleep or lack of food?

People do not die from lack of sleep- but they DO die from lack of food.

What does your brain look like when you smoke a lot?

Smoking may not affect the APPEARANCE of the brain much at all, but it will affect how much oxygen reaches the brain. So the brain will become less healthy and work less efficiently over time due to lack of oxygen.

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