How does light become an image?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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In the eye, light becomes a visible image due to the organs in the back of your eye called 'cones and rods'. These are situated along the retina, inside the eyeball. Cones pick up colour, while rods pick up shades of black and white, and how light or dark a certain image will appear.

The light image that is made in the eyeball is actually upside down when it is sent along the optic nerve to the brain (as electric pulses) because the lens in your eye is convex which, when light passes through it, refracts light so the end image is an upside down replica. The brain then flips the image upside down, which becomes the image you see.

People become colour blind when they are missing certain colour receptors, which register the 3 primary colours red, blue and green.

**Side note: 1 in every 15 men are colour blind, while only 1 in 1000 women are.**

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Q: How does light become an image?
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What is vignetting?

A reduction in light at the edge of the lens. The barrel or sides of the lens become visible, resulting in dark corners in the image.

All images in plane mirriors are?

The images in a plane mirror are created by light rays. This makes the image to become virtual.

What is a virtual image?

In optics, a virtual image is an image in which the outgoing rays from a point on the object never actually intersect at a visable point. However, if these rays were stretched out they would intersect at a point behind the mirror/surface.

What does too much or too little light do to the image in a microscope?

it will wash out the image when you have too much light. the image would be too dark if theres not enough light.

Difference between real and virtual focus?

A real image can be captured on a screen (eg white paper) whereas a virtual image cannot.To see an image on a screen light rays must come to a focus on the screen, but with a virtual image no actual light rays come together at the location of the image .. hence a virtual image cannot be seen on a screen.A real image is a source of light energy .. rays of light radiate from it.A virtual image is not a source of light energy.. rays of light do not radiate from it ( although it's where the brain 'thinks' the light originated.)

What is the term for an image through which light passes?

real image

What is the term an image through which light passes?

real image

How does the image form in the eyes?

The cornea and the lens focus the light on the retina - but the "image" you see is formed in the brain from just parts of the light image that exists in the eye.

What is the three-dimensional image produced by laser light?

the three-dimensional image produced by laser light is a hologram

What is the three dimensional image produced by laser light?

the three-dimensional image produced by laser light is a hologram

Why do you see object?

What you see is the light reflecting off of the object. The light is focused into an image on your retinas (the light-sensitive back surface of the inner eye) and the image stimulates the light receptors there. This information is sent to the brain where it is interpreted as an image.

How does image produce an image?

The light reflecting off of it in your line of site