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Depending on theÊmaterial and nature of it surface, light can be reflected, absorbed, diffracted, re-emitted, or polarized. Some materials allow light to pass through.

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Uv light interacts with earth surface?

UV light does interact with earth surface. But only in areas where there is absence of ozone layer.

Does light interact with matter?

Yes, light interact with matter.

What are the three behaviors of light?

Refelction - bounces of a surface Refraction - changes speed depending on the substance it travels through Interfence - can interact with other light waves

How do light waves interact to create color?

They don't interact to create color, each individual light wave has a specific color. They "interact" to produce white light (all colors).

How do living things in an ecosystem interact?

they interact in an area where there is soil water and sun light

How does light interact with a window?

Light will reflect and pass through a window.

How can visible light interact with matter?

The matter absorbs or reflects the light.

How does matter interact with light?

Matter interacts with light by absorbing light energy and emitting light energy.

How does light interact with colored object?

Light is pulled to objects with dark colors but if the color is a very ligth  the ligth bounces off it try tuching a black surface in the hot summer it will be hotter than a white one

How does visible light interact with an object?

When light strikes an object, the light can be reflected, transmitted, or absorbed.

What refers to the way light reflects from the surface from the surface of a mineral?

Refraction. The Refraction of light from a surface is the light changing it direction of travel.

What type of light does earth's surface give off?

Earth's surface don't give any light. It reflects the light from its surface.

What causes a surface wave?

A surface wave is caused by an earthquake. When the earthquake causes primary, and secondary waves to interact, a surface wave is formed.

When the arrival of a beam of light at a surface?

when arrival of a beam of light at a surface

Which is a better reflector of light- a black surface or a white surface?

which is a better reflector of light-a black surface or a white surface

What are three ways light can interact with matter?

when a light is shining a peice of matter can et in the way of the light

What are plant that lives under water?

Yes they can. There are many species of underwater plants. Seaweed or lily-pads for example. Both of them live mostly underwater, but can interact with the surface. Lily-pads do have flowers that break the surface for pollination. The pads are close to the surface for photosynthesis. Seaweed also tends to grow close to the surface, where there is more light.

What is bouncing of light from a surface?

When light bounces off a surface, that is called reflection.

What happens when light hits a shiny surface?

It reflects the light, that is how the surface seems shiny.When light hits a shiny surface it is reflected and is sometimes bent.

Does matte surface reflect more light than a shiny surface?

No, a matte surface reflects less light.

What are the essential condition for shadow formation?

a light surface; a surface; and an opaque object between the light source and the surface.

How does the angle of light affect the temperature of a surface for dependent variable?

direct light, at a 90 degree angle, |- will warm the surface more then indirect light. The closer the angle of the light to the surface is to 90 degrees the more it will warm the surface.

A shiny surface reflects less light than a matte surface.?

A shiny surface reflects 'more' light than a matt surface.

How much light on the earth surface?

it is 70% so that is the answer of how much light on the earth surface

When light hits a rough surface what happens?

when light hits a rough surface it scattters.

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