How does light pollution effect a sea turtle?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How does light pollution effect a sea turtle?
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Why is the logger head sea turtle is endangered?

They are endangered because of accidental by-catch, water pollution, turtle consumption, and more.

How do sea turtle effect the environment?

it does not effect its enviroment,or other animals that live in it

Does pollution effect what a sea anemone eat?

Yes it does hurt them.

How does water pollution effect sea turtles?

i think it can hurt them

What Turtle race to the sea?

the turtles race to the sea flowing the light of the sunset or sunraise

What effect does pollution have on the sea?

great queation, it has a HUGE effect on the sea. it colors our and the animals sea and grabage can be a snack for the animals, that will cause most animals to die.

What makes sea turtle?

A Sea Turtle on a Sea turtle doing it

What is the largest sea turtle?

The largest sea turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle

What are all of the different sea turtles?

green sea turtles , leatherback sea turtle ,loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle , kemps ridly sea turtle , and the olive ridly sea turtle

What are affecting olive ridley sea turtles?

ridley sea turtle are being hunted,there being cought by fishing nets,and pollution so we need to save them

What is the leatherback sea turtle related to?

The leatherback sea turtle is related to the loggerhead sea turtle