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How does location affect a regions culture?

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by weather land and environment

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How did constantinoples location affect the culture that developed there?

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How did the line of demarcation affect of south America culture?

It created Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking regions

How did the line of demarcation affect South American culture?

It created Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking regions.

What is culture regions?

culture regions can cross national broders as well as continents

How did mountains affect the location of Greek settlements?

It divided Greece into different regions-travel and communication were difficult.

How do culture regions change?

Culture Regions change when they borrow culture traits and they depend on each other econimicly.

How does culture affect location?

in Australia because of the mild weather they have depended on playing sports or watching them.

How does the regions location near the equator affect its climate?

the earths atmosphere depends where u are like an example, hawii

How are culture regions related to the 8 traits of culture?

because the regions have to do with 1 or more cultures.

How did japan's location affect its culture?

Due to japan's close proximity to China Japans written language and aspects of culture and dress were heavily influenced

How does Philippine geography affect the culture?

it affect the culture,because feast and other can affect the culture.

What are physical regions?

physical regions- regions defined by their location, landforms, and climate.

How does geography affect China's culture?

Because of China's location fishing has become a major part of China's culture. Fishing is also a source of revenue for China.

How does the location affect people who live and work in the major climate regions of Europe?

How and where the European people chose to farm crops. hope this helped >.>

How does culture affect design?

In architecture culture affect design by on its originality.

How does culture affect the international management?

how does culture affect in international management

How might Mexico location influence its economy and culture?

It is located between North and South America and the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. This allows Mexico to act as a bridge between both regions. As for culture, Mexico's northern regions have more common traits with the US southwest; in fact the cowboy culture was invented in Mexico. On the other hand, the southern regions of Mexico are more akin to the counties of Central America, including ethnicity and native American languages.

How did constantinople's location affect the culture that developed there?

Because they were in the middle of a trade route, they got lots of ideas from other countries and cities.

What are the five regions?

Location, place, Human-Environment Interactions, movement, and regions.

How many culture regions are in the world?


How did the romes location affect its development?

How did Rome's location affect its development

How does music affect your culture?

music affects your culture by what your saying and how your saying it and that's how it will it affect it and the religion also. if youre saying something it will affect your culture and also you.

How are culture regions related to the eight traits of culture?

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How is does Germany's location affect the food they eat?

Some of Germany's terrain is flat and good for beets, and in the hill and mountainous regions, veggies, pork, milk, and beef.

What are some factors that affect culture?

There are many factors that affect culture. The climate of the region can be a possible factor that affects culture.