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Q: How does lucan and bedivere convince Mordred not to fight?
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What does Lucan and Bedievere offer Mordred in exchange to not fight King Arthur?

Lucan and Bedievere offer Mordred safe passage out of Britain and a portion of land to rule in exchange for not fighting King Arthur. They want to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and bring an end to the conflict peacefully.

What is the summary of The Day of Destiny by Sir Thomas Malory?

Mordred makes himself King of England and takes Guinevere as his wife. He then forces a battle with Sir Gawain, who is mortally wounded in the battle. Arthur meets Mordred again at the battle of Bareon Down, and the two men prepare for what will be their last battle. Arthur has a dream telling him that if he fights Mordred that day, he will die, but if he can stall the battle another month, Lancelot will be able to come and help him. When Arthur tries to draw a truce with Mordred and his army, a snake comes by and one of Mordred's men draws his sword to kill it. This action sets the two armies to war. By the end of the battle, Mordred is the only man standing from his army, and Arthur has himself, Sir Lucan, and Sir Bedivere. Against Lucan's advice, Arthur fights Mordred and kills him, but Arthur sustains his own death wound in the process. Arthur is dying and can't be moved safely, so he asks Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the lake. At first, Bedivere merely hides the sword, because he believes it to be too precious to throw away, but he eventually obeys Arthur's orders and throws the sword into the water. Arthur asks Bedivere what he saw when he did so, and Bedivere reports that a hand caught the sword and brandished it three times. Arthur then commands Bedivere to take him to the water, where a barge is waiting. Arthur is borne on the barge to Avalon. Bedivere then takes to wandering the woods and eventually stumbles upon a hermit mourning at a grave. It is unclear to both Bedivere and the reader whether or not the grave is that of King Arthur, and whether or not Arthur still lives.

Who were the four men still alive at the end of the battle in King Arthur?

The four men still alive at the end of the battle in King Arthur are King Arthur, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lucan, and Sir Bedivere's brother.

Who would win in a fight lucan D'lere or Antonia bayle?

My Lord Lucan D'lere will always win!He is much stronger,owning more power than the Queen of Justice. And I assume that Lucan will probably tortue Antonia Bayle after defeating her..That's horrible...Ooo

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