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How does marijuana affect your body?

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It destroys your lungs and brain and damages it by smoking and can may cause you heart problems in the future.

It can give you a dry mouth, increase your blood pressure and many more things you won't like experiencing.

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How does marijuana affect the body?

marijuana affects the body by stimulating the sense organs and make you do stuff that you wouldn't think of doing. It can affect your brain and you liver too, so do not abuse these drugs.

Why do people smoke marijuana?

Ok Well THey Want Toit affect your body

How does smoking marijuana affect your body?

The marijuana makes you high, and it makes you feel happy. It also makes your eyes red.

How would marijuana negatively affect your body?

Technically, marijuana can "negatively" affect your body through it killing brain cells, and a small chance of gaining tongue cancer. Some speculate that the hallucinations are a negative affect, but mostly that is the main reason as to why this drug is used.

How does marijuana affect your body physically?

Marijuana is neither a stimulant nor a depressant; it is a mild hallucinogen. Therefore, it does not affect the heart or central nervous system, the way most other drugs do. Its physical effects on the body are minimal.

How does marijuana affect your lungs?

marijuana cann't affect your lungs

How does marijuana affect the human body?

It hurts your lungs, heart, and basically everything else.

Does marijuana affect your pee?

No, Marijuana doesn't affect your pee, however it will show up in a urinalysis test depending on a variety of factors, including how long ago it was smoked (or otherwise ingested), how often you enjoy it, and your body weight. Marijuana clings to your fat cells.

Does marijuana affect treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Marijuana does not affect treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Does marijuana affect the accuracy of a chlamydia test?

No, marijuana does not affect the accuracy of a chlamydia test

What form is marijuana used in?

Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it

Does marijuana affect nuvaring?

There are no known drug interactions between marijuana and NuvaRing. Other ingredients in your marijuana may affect NuvaRing.

How does marijuana enter your body?

Marijuana enters your body by inhaling it or chewing it.

How does marijuana effect your body and organs?

Marijuana does not affect the body at all. Its good for you You shouldn't do pot, it kills you. That is all wrong, Mary J gives you memory loss and it gives you liver problems; it is not good for you nope, it cant kill you and it doesnt affect the brain or the liver. learn your stuff.

How does marijuana affect central nervous system?

idk it cam kill cells in the body and then possibly lead to death

Is marijuana harmful to the body?

no marijuana is good for you

Does marijuana affect your triglycerides?


Does marijuana affect your eyesight?


Does marijuana affect you?

Marijuana is a drug. So yes, by definition, it affects you.

What affect does marijuana have on blood pressure?

Marijuana lowers your blood pressure.

How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?

How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

How can marijuana affect a person's life?

it cant affect your life

Does Marijuana effect a colonoscopy?

Marijuana is not likely to affect a colonoscopy. However, if you get tested for drugs, it will show up on a drug screen. Marijuana will not affect what the inside of your colon looks like.

Does marijuana affect the contraceptive implant?

There is no evidence that marijuana affects the contraceptive implant.

Can marijuana effect your HCG levels?

smoke marijuana can affect a pregnancy test?

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