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Meteorology does not affect the environment in any way

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Q: How does meteorology affect the environment?
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What is the difference between air force meteorology and normal meteorology?

I am a meteorologist who, in addition to other schools, attended the Air Force meteorology school in Biloxi, MS. Air Force meteorology focuses more on aviation weather instead of surface-based meteorology. Meaning on how weather will affect aviation/mission readiness/mission outcomes/how to prepare for flight etc - whereas regular meteorology looks at surface-based meteorology, meaning how will the weather affect ground-based populations etc.

How do fault's affect the environment?

How do faults affect the environment

Is a tornado in geography?

A tornado is more in the field of meteorology, though geography does affect weather.

How does soil affect the environment?

how dose soil affect the environment

How does the gorilla affect the environment?

It doesn't affect the environment because it is also a part of the environment

What is the origins of word meteorology?

Meteo from "Measure" and logos from "word" or "study". Meterology is the study of measurements (of the environment).

How does the environment affect plants and how does plant affect it's environment?

the environment affect plant by cutting tree and by so many things and the plant affect environment by breath the oxgyen on the night

What are the branches of meteorology?

The study of meteorology is made up of three branches. These branches are microscale meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, and synoptic scale meteorology.

How does farting affect the environment?

yes it does affect the environment as it contains methane

Does hair dye affect the environment?

hair affect the environment because .........

How do texties affect the environment?

they affect the environment by cutting down trees

What has the author E Ann Berman written?

E. Ann Berman has written: 'Exploring the environment through satellite imagery' -- subject- s -: Artificial satellites in remote sensing, Meteorology, Remote sensing, Satellite meteorology 'Guide for using satellite imagery to teach science and math' -- subject- s -: Handbooks, manuals, Meteorology, Remote sensing, Satellite meteorology

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