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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Cunningham pays Atticus with hickory nuts and other items. Mr. Cunningham is very poor and has to pay by giving goods rather than money to Atticus.

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Q: How does mr Cunningham pay atticus for the legal work?
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Why did Cunningham pay Atticus in wood hickory nuts smilax holly and green turnips?

Cunningham paid Atticus in natural produce because he had no money to pay him with. This was a way of showing respect and expressing gratitude to Atticus for his legal services, despite their differing social and economic backgrounds.

How does Walter Cunningham Sr pay Atticus for his legal work?

Walter Cunningham Sr pays Atticus for his legal work with items such as firewood, hickory nuts, and stove wood because he cannot afford to pay in cash. Atticus accepts these items as payment to help Walter maintain his dignity and pride.

Why won't Walter Cunningham sr pay Atticus for his legal workin to kill a mockingbird?

He does pay him just not with money because he cannot afford it. The Cunningham's are a very poor family who don't have any money. They do pay Atticus however with Farm goods as they never take anything they cannot pay back. Atticus offered to help The Cunningham's so he accepts their way of payment.

How does mr Cunningham pay atticus in chapter 2?

In Chapter 2 of "To Kill a Mockingbird," Mr. Cunningham pays Atticus with a sack of hickory nuts instead of money for his legal services. This shows Mr. Cunningham's respect for Atticus and his family, as he knows that Atticus is willing to help those who may not be able to afford his services.

Why did embarrass Mr Cunningham to be thanked for the food that he gave Atticus in payment of his legal fees?

Mr. Cunningham was embarrassed because he couldn't afford to pay Atticus in cash, so he chose to repay him with what he had - food from his farm. This made him feel humbled and inadequate, as he valued his pride and felt indebted to Atticus for his legal services.

How do the Cunningham's pay?

they pay with work or food

How do the Cunningham and Ewell's handle poverty?

They never pay for anything that they wont be able to pay back. I think they also pay people with items rather than money like where mr Cunningham gives atticus a sack of potatoes for helping him.

What four things did Mr. Cunningham give Atticus as payment for legal services?

Mr. Cunningham gives Atticus stove wood, hickory nuts, smilax, holly, and green turnips.This is because Cunninghams NEVER take something that they cannot repay. (Even though this rule is broken when his son goes to the Finch's house for lunch) Mr. Cunningham felt guilty; he felt obliged to pay them back. But, he couldn't pay it in money, so he payed with vegetables and other things grown on his farm.I think with sacks of potato's on his back step and other vegetables from his farm.

Why did atticus say that mr Cunningham came from a set breed of man what does his remark mean?

Atticus referred to Mr. Cunningham coming from a group of people defined by certain values and norms. His remark implies that Mr. Cunningham's actions were influenced by his upbringing and the societal expectations of his community, which contributed to his behavior during the incident involving Tom Robinson.

Whose education does Atticus help finance?

Atticus Finch helps finance the education of Walter Cunningham's son, Burris. Walter is a poor farmer in Maycomb County, and Atticus arranges a deal where Walter can pay him back in hickory nuts, firewood, and other goods in exchange for legal service.

Why did Atticus put a Cunningham on the jury?

Atticus Finch put Walter Cunningham Sr. on the jury to appeal to his sense of justice and fairness, hoping that he would see beyond prejudice and make a fair judgment based on the evidence presented, despite the social pressures to convict Tom Robinson. Atticus recognized Walter Cunningham Sr. as a man of integrity who would not be easily swayed by his peers in the community.

What didn't the Cunningham's have to suit Alexandra?

The Cunningham family did not have anything to pay Miss Maudie for their son Walter's entailment debt in the form of money or goods. Instead, they offered to pay in the form of legal advice, manual labor, or goods from their farm.