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Q: How does mr bumble act in Oliver Twist?
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How does Oliver Twist get his name?

Mr bumble gives Oliver his name because his mother died almost straight after he was born. Clair

What were the character's names in Oliver Twist?

Artful Dodger Bill Sikes Bull's - Eye Bumble Fagin Monks Mr Brownlow Nancy Oliver

Can you use beadle in a sentence?

Mr Bumble had the post as "Beadle" to keep order at Oliver Twist's school in the Dickens novel.

Who are the main characters in Oliver Twist?

The main characters are Oliver, the Artful Dodger, Fagin, Bill Sikes, Nancy Mr. Bumble, Mr. and Mrs. Brownlow, Noah Claypole, Monks, and Charlie Bates.

Where does oliver first live in in Oliver Twist?

Oliver is born, and then lives in the workhouse, where his mother dies giving birth to him. He is given the surname "Twist" by Mr. Bumble the beadle, who works through the alphabet in order to given the orphans a made-up surname.

What are some of the social issues in Oliver Twist?

some of the prevailing social issues in Oliver Twist are: the inability of the poor to escape their poor status because of their lack of power, the misuse of power by those in charge of the poor ( Ms. Mann and Mr. Bumble), the lack of credibility the courts gave to the poor, and the criticism of the Poor Laws in England.

What does mr brownlow rescue?

oliver twist

Why is Oliver Twist related to poverty?

Because Oliver Twist lives in poverty for most of his childhood until Mr. Brownlow adopts him.

Which judge said the law is not an ass?

It has been stated by a number of judges. The origin appears to be from Charles Dickens. In Oliver Twist "If the law supposed that,' said Mr. Bumble . . . 'the law is a ass _ a idiot.'"

How old is Mr brownlow in Oliver Twist?

mr brownlow is 48 i think :)

Who was district magistrate in Oliver Twist?

mr. fang

Mr sowerberry's job in Oliver Twist?

an undertaker

Who adopts Oliver Twist as his son?

Mr. Brownlow

Who rescued Oliver Twist?

After an incident with the law, Oliver Twist gets rescued by a kind and loving old gentleman named Mr. Brownlow.

What author created mr pickwick and Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens.

Who is Oliver Twist's apprentice when he leaves the work house?

Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker

How does the board get rid of Oliver in Oliver Twist?

They give him to a funeral director, Mr Sowerberry, where he has to work for just his board and lodging.

Who are the characters in Oliver Twist?

There are many, many characters is Oliver Twist, but the primary characters are listed below:Oliver TwistHis mother, Agnes FlemingThe Artful Dodger and the other boys in Fagin's groupMr. Bumble and Mrs. CorneyMrs. Maylie and Rose MaylieNancyBill SikesMr. BrownlowMonks aka Edward LeefordNoah Claypole and Charlotte Sowerberry

Who is Oliver Twist apprenticed to when he leaves the workhouse?

Mr Sowerberry, the Undertaker. (Mortician in US)

Why did Oliver get arrested in Oliver Twist?

When Oliver is arrested for stealing Mr. Brownlow's handkerchief, no one listens when Brownlow says he does not think the boy did it. Dodger and Charlie ran off, so Oliver was left to take the rap.

What actors and actresses appeared in Oliver Twist - 1933?

The cast of Oliver Twist - 1933 includes: Lionel Belmore as Mr. Bumble Wilson Benge Phillip Caragher Clyde Cook as Chitling John Davidson Harry Holman as Grimwig Barbara Kent as Rose Maylie Carl Lindou Doris Lloyd as Nancy Sikes Dannie Mac Grant Nelson McDowell as Sowerberry Dickie Moore as Oliver Twist Bobby Nelson as Noah Claypole Irving Pichel as Fagin Tempe Pigott as Mrs. Corney Sonny Ray as The Artful Dodger Virginia Sale as Mrs. Sowerberry

What does Mr brownlow look like in Oliver Twist?

Mr Brown low wears a bottle green coat and gold rimmed glasses.

Why did Mr Brownlow send Oliver Twist to the bookshop?

to give money to the owner

Where did Oliver Twist grow up?

He began life in a Baby Farm, where he was kept until about eight years old, when he was taken by Mr. Bumble to the workhouse. From there, he lives with the undertaker's family, the Sowerberrys, for a brief period, then runs away to London. While in London, he lives with Fagin, Mr. Brownlow, and Mrs. and Miss Maylie. He's still a child at the end of the book, so technically isn't finished growing up.

What is the story conclusion of the book Oliver twist?

Oliver lives with his aunt rose and Mr. Brownlow, and monks is sent by Mr. Brownlow not to come to London again to another city where he dies there. Fagin gets hanged.