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Oliver Twist is the second novel by Charles Dickens published in 1838. It tells the story of an orphan named Oliver who has a miserable life in a workhouse before being placed with an undertaker. The novel contains the famous line "Please, sir, I want some more."

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Oliver Twist

What are the AR answers to wonder?

I cannot tell you that that is an example of cheating.

Oliver Twist

Why is the character called the artful dodger in Oliver Twist?

Because he is very skilled in dodging the policemen's attempts to arrest him or other people's questions. At the same time, he can smell "the prey" from a great distance.

Oliver Twist

Do you like Oliver Twist story?


Oliver Twist

Can Oliver Twist be played by a girl?

Of course! As long as they put their hair back and wear boy's clothes. Girl's are actually better for the roll because they can sing higher.

Oliver Twist

Fagin punished in Oliver Twist?

yes he goes to jail then gets executed

Oliver Twist

Who played bill Sykes in Oliver Twist?

lou reed

Oliver Twist

What songs does Oliver sing in Oliver Twist?

Oliver sings Where is Love? He also has parts in Who Will Buy? Consider Yourself, and I'd Do Anything. As well as Be Back Soon.

Oliver Twist

What is the name of Bill Sykes dog in Oliver Twist?

the name of the dog that bill Sykes owns is called bulls eye and he is a terrie

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Oliver Twist

When was Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens?

on 1837

Oliver Twist

Who shot Oliver in Oliver Twist?

maybe william sikes or the guy who was with him

Oliver Twist

How is the death of Fagin in the book Oliver Twist justified?

Fagin's greed signifies all that is bad in London at this point in time, especially in Dickens' eyes. Perhaps his sentence of death is symbolic. It marks the end of evil, greedy tendencies and the beginning of generosity and kindness as the norm. It makes for a happy ending that the bad guys go down in flames. I am not sure if he could legally be sentenced to death, but maybe Dickens was coming from a different angle. There are many reasons for Fagin's death. Simply put, he's the bad guy, and the bad guy's just getting what's been coming to him. Since he's portrayed as evil, no one can identify w/ him at the end b/c he's almost subhuman. But it's also important to consider how much Dickens emphasizes Fagin's religious background. With all of these stereotypes going on, he is also ostracized on another level b/c in society-at-large, he's apart from the unsympathetic majority. Check out the link attached for more info and the complexities of this issue.

Oliver Twist

Is Oliver Twist credible?

As far as the institutions and attitudes described in the book are concerned - yes, I'm afraid it is; things DID happen like this. As for the extraordinary stroke of luck that made Oliver's family take him in without knowing who he was - that was a current literary device.

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
A Christmas Carol

Who wrote A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist?

charles dickens wrote a christmas carol and oliver twist

Oliver Twist

What Happens To Bet In Oliver Twist?

She lives because in Lionel Barts production of Oliver in the final scene oliver sings the reprise of I'd do anything to Bet.

Oliver Twist

Summary of Chapter 21 of Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist is about boy with a very hard life. Chapter 21 is called the murder. Sikes murdered Nancy by grabbing by the throat and draging her to the floor

Oliver Twist

Who wrote a book called Oliver Twist?

A man named Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

What does Mr brownlow look like in Oliver Twist?

Mr Brown low wears a bottle green coat and gold rimmed glasses.
Oliver Twist

What is the problem in Oliver Twist story?

Why was oliver treated differently to others

Oliver Twist

When was Oliver Twist written and published?


Oliver Twist was first published as a serial, with monthly installments from January 1837 through march 1839. It was published as a novel in 1838.

Books like Oliver Twist that are no longer bound by copyright laws are free for anyone to publish their own version of. Various abridged, annotated, comic, movie, theatrical and children's versions have been published over the years, and in a multitude of formats.

I would estimate they number in the thousands.

Oliver Twist

Is Oliver Twist a children's book?

Oliver Twist is a crossover book, and is mostly suitable for adults and young adults or teenagers. There are simplified, or abridged versions for younger readers, however. I believe Usborne do a good one.

Oliver Twist

What year is Oliver Twist set in?

The story of Oliver Twist takes place at the time of 'New Poor Law' of 1834.

Oliver Twist

What is the first line in 'Oliver Twist'?

The lengthy first sentence is also the first paragraph: Among other public buildings in a certain town, which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning, and to which I will assign no fictitious name, there is one anciently common to most towns, great or small: to wit, a workhouse; and in this workhouse was born; on a day and date which I need not trouble myself to repeat, inasmuch as it can be of no possible consequence to the reader, in this stage of the business at all events; the item of mortality whose name is prefixed to the head of this chapter.

Oliver Twist

What is Oliver twist about?

Short version: Oliver is about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage because he got in trouble for asking for more food. He ends up living with a group of boys that are trained professionals at pickpocketing by an old mentor. Oliver ends up getting in trouble but catches a bad man and earns tons of money. Oliver then becomes really rich and becomes a great grandfather.

Long Version: Oliver Twist was a young orphan. He worked and lived at a workhouse. One day he picked the short straw and had to ask the cook for some more food. This is probably the most famous lines in the book and film, "Please sir, may I have have some more?".

Of course there was a consequence to that question and the Head man of the workhouse, Mr. Bumble, took Oliver out into the streets and asked if anyone wanted to buy the young boy from him. A family who built coffins and directed funerals decided to take him in. A adolescent boy from that family insulted Oliver's mother, (who is dead), and that started a fight. Oliver was thrown in the cellar.

Luckily Oliver managed to escape from that dreadful place. He saw a sign to London and decided to head that way.

When Oliver eventually arrived in London he met a boy. He was known as the 'Artful Dodger'. Oliver learned that his little friend was a pickpocket. Artful Dodger took Oliver to his home, where other boys like him lived.

The master of them all was an old man called Fagin. Fagin was a good, down-to-earth man, who lived of his boys success.

On Oliver's first day pickpocketing he went with Artful Dodger, so that he could gain some experience before he did it himself. Unfortunately he was caught, even though it was his friend's dirty work!

Oliver was now in court, charged for theft. But luckily there was an eyewitness who told the truth about what had happened. Oliver thanked the kind man and he told him that he was an orphan. Oliver found out that the man was called Mr. Brownlow.

It didn't take long for Mr. Brownlow to decide on fostering Oliver! Oliver got on Mr. Brownlow's horse and carriage and went to his expensive home. Oliver quickly settled down. In his dreams he wished and wished he could live in a house like this and be cared by someone!

Bill Sikes and his girlfriend, Nancy worked for Fagin. Bill was a very violent and unforgiving man and was scared that Oliver would tell everyone about Fagin and his business. Bill and Nancy had to go and get Oliver back by kidnapping him! Nancy wasn't too keen on that idea because she was a very caring and lovely person and she thinks that Oliver deserves to live a good and free life.

Bill forced Nancy to come and they succeeded in their task of kidnapping Oliver. When they arrived at Fagin's place, Oliver didn't like what had happened and he slapped Bill. Bill took his belt off and wanted to beat Oliver. Nancy stopped him but she was slapped by Bill. She stormed out of the room. Even though Nancy hated Bill for what he did, she still loved him and she thought that Bill needed her.

No matter what happened Bill wasn't going to let Oliver go anywhere, so he couldn't go back to Mr. Brownlow's house.

One night Bill, Fagin, Oliver and Nancy went to the nearby pub. (This was where Nancy worked). Bill ordered his dog, Bullseye to guard Oliver.

Nancy had a plan to get Oliver and take him back to Mr. Brownlow. Earlier before they went to the pub Nancy went to Mr. Brownlow's house and told him everything that had happened. She told him to meet her on London Bridge at midnight because she would have Oliver.

First of all Nancy started off a song, slowly everyone else joined in as they were drunk and it all became very loud and she quickly got Oliver. Of course Bullseye barked but Bill couldn't hear him! Nancy got a head start on Bill but eventually realised what had happened. He quickly got up onto his feet and followed Nancy to the London Bridge.

As Nancy was walking up the stairs to meet Mr. Brownlow, Bill caught and carried her back down the stairs. He took her behind a wall and started beating her! As Bill came back there was blood on his shirt and Oliver knew that Nancy was dead. Bullseye was now terrified of Bill and he ran off. A crowd of people heard all this noise and commotion and ran up to Mr. Brownlow to ask what had happened. Suddenly there was a massive search party to find the murderer, Bill!

Bill carried Oliver all the way to Fagin's house. Fagin was worried as there was blood on Bill's shirt. Bill said that Nancy wasn't going to be interfering anymore. Fagin realised what this actually meant.

Outside Bill heard Bullseye's bark, followed by cries of outrage. Bullseye had taken the crowd to Fagin's secret home! Bill escaped yet again with Oliver down the street. He climbed up some stairs and told Oliver to climb up on a beam and tie a piece of rope to it so Bill could swing over the alley. Oliver managed to do the task and slowly climbed back down. Bill wrapped the rope around him and swung to the other side he couldn't hold onto the other side. Bill tried a couple more times but he accidentally hung himself! The police ran up the stairs and rescued Oliver.

A few days later Oliver was back in Mr. Brownlow's house and learnt about his mother. His mother was friends with Mr. Brownlow!

Oliver was very happy where he was at that moment in time and he didn't want to go anywhere else!

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Oliver Twist

What is the name of Oliver Twist mother?

Agnes Fleming

Oliver Twist

How did the title 'Oliver Twist' originate?

The hero or main character of the novel is called Oliver Twist. He is born in a workhouse to a dying mother and the parish beadle names him "Oliver Twist". At the time it was standard practice to name orphans in such a way that their names were unlike those of real people in the area. However, the names were unmistakably English. (Have you ever encountered the family name "Twist" in real life?) Obviously, the name was invented by the author, Charles Dickens. I hope this is of some use.


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