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because yuu touch each other. and then it passes on.


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Mumps affect the parotid gland .

The mumps affect your lymphnodes. They will become inflammed.

Measles and mumps are caused by two different viruses and usually affect different organs. Measles usually show with a skin rash while mumps affect the salivary glands near the ear. It can also affect the testicles.

Rubulavirus in the family Paramyxoviridae

Chickenpox doesn't affect fertility. The virus usually associated with infertility is another common childhood illness - mumps. Mumps can affect the testes, and in an adult can result in infertility.

No. Mumps is passed by saliva. It belongs to the paramyxoviruses family. This word means near mucous.

Mumps affects the salivary glands. Salivary glands swell resulting in pain; pain signals involve the Nervous System. Swelling can put pressure on the ears too. Of course, any illness affects the Immune System. Mumps also interfere with eating, so temporarily, Mumps affect the Digestive System.

Mumps is caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family. It causes a disease which results in fevers, headache, swelling of the parotid glands, orchitis, and may result in infertility. It can be prevented by the mumps vaccine.

Mumps may affect the adolescents and adults, at times. It may lead to epididymo orchitis and is very painful. At times this leads to sterility.

Mumps virus is a single-stranded negative-sense RNA viruswhich belongs to a member of the genus Rubulavirus of thefamily Paramyxoviridae.

you get mumps you get mumps

No. The mumps virus is an enveloped single-stranded, linear negative-sense RNA virus of the Rubulavirus genus and Paramyxovirus family.

I have no idea that's y i came to this site to find the answer

Mumps is caused by the Mumps Virus.

No. Mumps usually affect the parotid glands.

Mumps is caused by Mumps virus (MuV).

The disease know as mumps is caused by the mumps virus.

you pronounce the word mumps as : mumps, just as it's spelled.

Mumps was discovered in 1934 by Ernest William Goodpasture.when the mumps discovers?

mumps is caused by a virus :(

Mumps are caused by a virus.

all people can get the mumps

The classification of mumps is bacteria.

Yes, there is a vaccine for the mumps.

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