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Let me tell u this is a good question and I am the 1 who had my fico score go from 565 to 703. U first have to get your credit pulled from the three companys Transunion,Equifax and Experian.After this is done then u can start your new credit line by applying for a cheap credit card one that u have a credit limit of $200-500 then just pay on that. Remember don't be late on any payments,Or your credit score will go down.After about 6months the will increase your credit limit.Then u will get more applications in the mail from other credit companys.Thats the way u start ur credit. Just remember if u pay off the credit limit in 1 yr.Then go to another company they will almost give u the max for that card.Hope this was helpful to u good luck.

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Q: How does new credit work?
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How do you use the word credit as a verb in a sentence?

We credit her success to hard work and diligence.We credit her success to hard work and diligence.We credit her success to hard work and diligence.We credit her success to hard work and diligence.

can i claim a making work pay credit ?

can i claim a making work pay credit can i claim a making work pay credit

How do you do the double entry for work in progress?

[Debit] Work in process [Credit] Material [Credit] Labor [Credit] Overhead

What will you do if you can not get a credit card?

You have to work on your credit until you can

How does credit card balance transfer in an office work?

Credit card balance transfers are essentially when a credit card holder starts a new credit card to pay off whatever debts and charges the owner may have on the old credit card. The charges from the old credit card get transferred to the new credit card and a grace period occurs which is basically a lower interest rate at the beginning of the transfer. It is safe but only if the person makes sure to read the details the new credit card company has regarding the transfer.

Does the gamestop trade-in credit work on new games?

It does with the purchase of a whole milk gallon at publix

Does frank billy work for standard credit union bank?

Frank Billy work for Standard credit credit union bank?

How long must one wait to get a loan on a new car after declaring bankruptcy?

To get a loan on a new car after declaring bankruptcy, you have to wait until you can rebuild your credit. You can rebuild your credit in as little as 2-3 years if you work at it and start out by building up your credit with small things.

How does consumer credit work?

Consumer credit can be considered to be a complicated work of art. When a credit purchase is made it affects the credit score. Having good credit is essential to making huge purchase such as a house or a car.

Which business credit cards applications work great for a small business that is new to the industry?

There are several copanies that can help you get your business credit going. I would check out the information at

Where can one find out exactly how credit cards work?

One can find our more information about how credit cards work by visiting your local bank or credit card issuer and asking for information pamphlets about credit and credit cards.

Can you apply for new credit when fixing your credit?


Will opening a new credit card affect your credit rating?

Yes. Any new credit account or loan will effect your rating.

Why was I denied when applying for a new business credit card?

Some of the reasons include: partial application, you sent in an unfilled application. Another reason would be low credit score, unpaid debt. limited credit history or work experience.

What are the store hours for transunion credit in New York City?

Transunion does not have a storefront in New York City. It is a credit rating agency that deals with credit scores and credit requests from mortgage companies and credit card companies.

How many people work for the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union?

There are many people that work for the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. There are about five hundred people that work for the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union.

How can I receive guaranteed approval on a new credit card?

Guaranteed approval on a new credit card depends on the customer who is applying for the credit cards credit rating. Many credit card companies will lend you money with high interest rates if your credit is not good.

is there any place in wasilla that would give me a new set of teeth for payments I do not have insurance or credit card, but work and have cash?


How is the new 15000 tax credit for homebuyers applied?

how is the new 15000 dollar tax credit for homebuyers applied

When was New England Federal Credit Union created?

New England Federal Credit Union was created in 1961.

What are opinions on credit solutions?

I don't know if credit solutions is a scam or not. But there are a lot of credit solutions companies. Most of then local in Florida, New York and California. The best thing to do if your in debt is to call your credit card companies and ask for a lower rate. Try work out a plan with a credit card companies. Debt solution company only want your $money.

How do credit reports work in the UK?

Credit reports in the UK work in the manner that a bank or lender will assess one's credit history and decide how much money, if any, to lend an individual. A poor credit report will typically lead to a denial.

Can you offer credit card companies new contract and by cashing check they have to accept terms?

You can but it won't work. You don't get to trick someone into a contract.

Do Credit Unions provide services for Document Management?

Document Management companies do work with Credit Unions on most cases whether it be to check people's credit score or to help out with major jobs. Credit Unions also work with Workflow Solutions.

Does trading in a car affect your credit?

Trading in a car does not affect your credit unless you sign a new car loan and get a new car. This may negatively or positively effect your credit.