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How does not doing homework help you?


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Well, you get extra time to relax and you aren't under pressure to meet certain deadlines.

It will give you practice for your future of being out of work from low paying jobs.

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No because it will distracted them when they are doing there homework. Like when his/her favorite song is on then that person will stop doing their homework and listen to it instead of studing or doing their homework.

Homework help is when someone helps you figure out how to do your homework. WikiAnswers is a good homework help website.Here are some things that homework help is NOT:someone writing the answers for you to copysomeone doing the work for youhelping you figure out ways to avoid doing the work at allHomework is when the teachers give you a piece of work that day and you have to go home and do the work the teacher has provided you, it can be for any subject and its called homework because its work you do at home

No. A tornado would be a major distraction that would prevent you from doing your homework.

Doing your homework will not increase your brain, but it will help you to understand the material better. Practice makes perfect - and that is just as true for doing practice work like homework as it is for practicing a sport or physical skill.

Homework is not harmful. It's just everyone hates doing it but it does help you practice and advance in your subject:)

Yes, doing homework teaches you to stay on task and be more responsible and mature.

Homework is practice for the material - the more you practice, the better you get and the better grade you'll have

Not if you do it properly. See the Related Question for help doing your homework properly.

It can help your parents know what you do in school

Homework only helps students do better in school if students take homework seriously, take responsibility for doing the homework, and do it to the best of their ability.

Yes! Doing homework can make you all around more smart and decisive, which is needed in sports. In high school sports, you need a GPA of at least 2.0 to participate, so doing homework is very important!

It's designed to help you learn the material better. Try some of the Related Questions to help you get the hang of doing homework easier.

WikiAnswers can help you with your homework, but we are not a cheat site. Cheating is wrong and will get you expelled when they catch you doing it. We are happy to help you out, however - just ask your question and wait for someone to answer it for you.

10% have bad grades because they don't have homework. That's why homework is important because by doing homework the teacher can know what you need help with and you can practice it then master it.

(The form of the verb to be include is, 3rd person singular, and are, 2nd person singular, or any person plural.)She is doing her homework. The cat is on the sidewalk.They are doing their homework. The cats are on the sidewalk.We are doing our homework. Are you doing your homework? They are done with their homework.

WikiAnswers will not help you to cheat - it's wrong and you could be suspended for doing it

If it doesn't, you're doing it wrong - see the Related Questions to learn how to do your homework the right way and make better grades

The more work you put into your education, the better it will be for you, so doing your homework in a conscientious manner will help you learn more.

It only helps the students who are already doing well in that class - homework is practice to help you learn more and remember what you're learning. If you don't ever have homework, you're not going to learn as well as if you practice.

who ever asked this question this is great because doing your homework is good because you get more knoldege and when you go to school you whould know more than students

You do not necessarily need daily homework - homework is designed to help you practice and learn the skills you need for each class. If you are doing fine in the class, the teacher might not give homework.

It can help by not wasting your time googling the answers and actually doing your DeVry homework! :)

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