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Odysseus defeats Polyphemus by tricking him to drink a heavy wine with made him fall into a deep sleep; after that Odysseus and his men stuck the cyclops's own club into his eye so he would not be able to see the warriors escape.

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Q: How does odysseus trick polyphemus?
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Who is polyphemus from Odysseus?

Polyphemus is the Cyclops that Odysseus meets.

How does Odysseus trick the Cyclopes Polyphemus?

One by intoxicating Polyphemus and Two by saying his name is Nohbdy, so he could never track all of the events that happened between them, back to Odysseus.

Why does Polyphemus show courtesy to Odysseus and his men?

Polyphemus attempts to trick Odysseus and his men into revealing where their ship is, among other information. There is no need for him to be overtly antagonistic until he wants to eat the men.

What was Polyphemus's relation to Odysseus?

Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon, who hated Odysseus.

What trick does Odysseus devise to get past the blinded cyclops?

His men tied themselves to the bellies of Polyphemus' sheep.

Was Polyphemus Odysseus' first mate?

No. Polyphemus and Odysseus become mortal enemies.

What does Odysseus do to keep Polyphemus from eating him?

Odysseus gives Polyphemus some wine, and Polyphemus promises to eat him last. Odysseus prevents Polyphemus from eating him by blinding Polyphemus, and then escaping from his cave.Before the escape attempt, Odysseus is powerless before Polyphemus, and is saved from being eaten only by fate.

How does Odysseus trick Polyphemus into getting drunk?

Odysseus simply offers the cyclops wine. The cyclops has never had wine, so has a low tolerance to alcohol.

Why are the cyclops surprised it was Odysseus?

Polyphemus hadn't known that it was Odysseus in his house. Odysseus had lied and told Polyphemus (the cyclops) that his name was Nobody. Odysseus and his crew had also blinded Polyphemus.

Did Polyphemus kill Odysseus?

yes polyphemus was mad odysseus and stabed him with a carving nife :)

Why did Odysseus blind Polyphemus?

Odysseus blinded Polyphemus so that him and his men could escape.

Who is Polyphemus and what is his relation to Odysseus?

Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon, who hated Odysseus. Polyphemus knew nothing of Odysseus until he found Odysseus and his men in Polyphemus' cave, although he was once told by the sage Telemus that he would be blinded someday by a man named Odysseus.

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