How does of oxygen cause sleepiness?

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You get fatter and fatter everytime you breathe.

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Q: How does of oxygen cause sleepiness?
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Does alzhiemers cause sleepiness and loss of appetite?

Alzheimer's can cause sleepiness and loss of appetite.

Does Xanax cause sleepiness?

Yes it is a depressant, it will cause sleepiness. That is its most common side affect.

Does lisinopril cause sleepiness?


How does lack of oxygen cause sleepiness?

It makes you weary and so you pass out.blood doesnt carry oxygen around your body and so you can't function so you cannot move and then you pass out.

What are the causes of excessive daytime sleepiness?

The causes of excessive daytime sleepiness include lacking sleep during the night and also some illnesses or their treatment. If someone is having chemotherapy this can cause sleepiness. Also if someone is not eating enough and they are starving this can cause sleepiness.

Why does eating food cause sleepiness?

There are natural chemicals in almost all foods that cause sleepiness. Also, eating food before it metabolizes makes you feel heavier and sulky, sometimes confused with sleepiness.

Does Tramadol HCl cause sleepiness?

Yes, it does.

Does pregnancy cause sleepiness?

Yes sometimes it can!

Does sinus pressure cause sleepiness?

Yes, Chronic sinus can cause sleppiness at mid after noon. Especially If you have Sphenoid sinus infection, then you will get sleepiness at afternoon and tiredness.

Does Marijuana use cause excess sleepiness?

yes, is called burning out.

Does penicillin cause drowsiness?

Yes it can; sleepiness or insomnia are listed as less common side effects

What feelings does ASMR cause?

ASMR is known to cause several feelings in the body. The common ones are brain tingling, relaxation, calmness and sleepiness.

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