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  1. To avoid lifting of the bridge of the depth micrometer, make sure that the spindle is correctly positioned before taking a reading. The spindle should be parallel to the base of the depth micrometer and should be positioned directly over the object being measured.
  2. Make sure that the object being measured is firmly supported and that the work surface is free of debris that may interfere with the depth micrometer’s operation.
  3. Before taking a reading, check that the anvil and spindle are perfectly aligned with each other.
  4. Avoid pressing down on the depth micrometer too hard as this can cause the bridge to lift.
  5. Always use the correct size micrometer for the job and the correct size anvil for the object being measured.
  6. If the bridge does start to lift, stop and correct the problem before taking any further readings.
  7. Before taking a reading, always make sure that the depth micrometer is properly zeroed.
  8. When using a depth micrometer, always keep your hand away from the spindle and anvil.
  9. Make sure that the depth micrometer is properly maintained and stored in a dry, clean environment.
  10. Lastly, always use the depth micrometer with care and caution to avoid any damage or inaccuracy.
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Q: How does one avoid lifting of the bridge of the depth micrometer?
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