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It can only be suggested that one finds a good tutorial online which explains how to do this such as that provided by IBM developerWorks. It is not possible to explain in a short answer.

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Q: How does one configure Lan settings in their computer modem?
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How do you setup dsl router with wireless router?

You plug your wireless into dsl router (you'll need to configure your router), and then configure your computer to the wirelessJust get a lan cable which is usually ships with wireless routers. Connect one end of the cable in wireless router port which is called wan or intertet. Another end of the cable connect to your modem. Then restart the modem and the router. Sometimes you might need to change settings for internet coneection and DHCP server. But usually it's not required.

How can you connect a computer wirelessly to a non-wireless modem?

You need to have a wireless router compatible with your wireless adapter and LAN cable of CAT-5 at least. Use the cable to connect the modem and the router, use WAN port of the router. After that configure the router for your needs. And you are ready to go.

What is a 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card?

This is an 802.11b WiFi modem in your computer

What two things do you need to do in order to be able to log onto a LAN?

This depends on your network. In most networks, you just plug it in and it is usable but sometimes you may have to configure the internet settings. If it is for the internet contact your ISP

Will i need a router to have internet?

No, you can connect your computer directly to the modem (you need a lan cable for that) if you have one.

Can a computer in the same lan view files of other computer?

It depends on what your computer's sharing settings are configured to.

How do you configure 2 laptops and a desktop with a wireless router?

You don't have wireless network cards you have to buy it or you have to get a lan cable(s). After that connect your router to the modem if you have it. And connect all your computers to the router. Usually default settings allow you to work with internet and inside network without any correction of default settings. After that restart your modem (if you have it) and restart your router. Then Start->Run->cmd, press enter. ping (one of your computer's Ips), for instance, ping If it doesn't work out you have to configure DHCP server for your router, but it's already another question.

Should you enable wlan settings in wireless settings?

Depends on what device you are setting up. LAN is your local area network (note the initials). WLAN is the WIDE network outside of your LAN. Usually you don't need to change WLAN settings unless you are configuring a router. In that case, read the fine manual!

How is LAN different from WAN?

LAN is internal. IE, your computer, router, modem. WAN is external, such as your computer, a server on the internet, a corporate database. Not to be confused with WLAN, which is wireless LAN

How lan is extended through d link dsl 1504g modem using bridge mode?

When using bridge mode, a person can extend their LAN service to another or through another modem. LAN can be made faster if bridged through a DSL modem.

How LAN is extended through D-Link DSL 1504G modem using bridge mode?

When using bridge mode, a person can extend their LAN service to another or through another modem. LAN can be made faster if bridged through a DSL modem.

State and compare internetworking device used to connect different LAN segments?

An Internet working device used to connect different LAN segments is called a Modem. A Modem can be either hard wired to the computer or use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the computer. Dial up Modems were also used that ran through telephone lines.