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How does one explain the possible problem of ADHD to an already poor situation?

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How does one explain the possible problem of ADD? When ADD, many situations are already "poor". ADD causes all sorts of uncomfortable situations - for both the individual with the disorder, and any others in a relationship with them. As a mother of three ADD (two ADHD) sons, I have learned many things about ADD. Just recently I was diagosed "officially" with ADD - they had to get it somewhere. ADD causes people to do many of the following things: - start projects, many varied projects - never finish projects - save unfinished projects, but still start more new ones - stack things instead of filing them or pitching them - to do things without considering the consequences - say things without considering the consequences - run instead of walk - wiggle instead of sitting still - notice "little" things, such as the necklace the teacher has on instead of the lesson - lose things, especially papers, keys, glasses - forget to finish things, like cook the dinner (smell the smoke?), stop running water in the bathroom (I left the room for a minute) - not get things done because other things became more interesting

If you have noticed these things in yourself or your loved one, you might have ADD. or they might. How do you explain it? Just sit them down and talk about ADD in general - then do a good news, bad news --- the good news is you don't have it. The bad news is I do --- can we work through this? TRy it. And good luck

2015-07-16 18:20:24
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Q: How does one explain the possible problem of ADHD to an already poor situation?
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