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As with any large city, the traffic in Paris tends to be somewhat congested and Parisian drivers tend not to be quite as conservative as American ones, particularly around the Arch De Triomphe and the Champs De Elysee. Walking is a somewhat practical option in Paris and a great one for sightseers, since many popular tourist attractions tend to be somewhat clumped together. It?s possible to concentrate one?s entire sightseeing efforts around one particular neighborhood or area from day to day. However, for more efficient travel around the city, one might want to utilize Paris?s incredible public transportation. Paris is blessed with one of the most extensive and reliable public transportation systems in the world. The infamous Paris Metro first opened in 1900 and transports some 6 million visitors per day between its 380 stations scattered about its 130 miles of track. Wherever you go in Paris, you are never more than about a quarter of a mile from a Metro station. The metro is also user friendly. The respective lines are color coded and each car has a map posted above the doors that displays the line with each stop. Names of popular tourist attractions are posted over their respective stops. To successfully ride the Metro, one needs only to know if your destination is North, South, East, or West, from your starting point and the name of the stop that is at the end of the line in the direction you will be going. It is that simple. For riding the Metro, purchasing a Metro Pass is highly recommended. For about $70 American, one can purchase a pass good for unlimited Metro travel for an entire week. This includes travel to Disneyland Paris and Versailles. Passes can also be purchased for between one and three days. Considering that a single ride ticket on the Metro can cost between $2.60 and $4.75 American, depending on the Metro zone of your destination, the Metro Pass is a very economical option for sightseeing, as well. To get a metro pass, you'll want to have a driver's license sized photo with you. Bring it with you, because you can't always find the photo machines readily available, or your exact euros when one is. paris is so lazy she gose in a limo all of the time

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Q: How does one get around Paris?
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