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How does one know if one has been arrested?


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If you have been arrested, you know you have!


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I think she was arrested 2 times. All I know is that one was in Nashville.

Yes Everyone has right to know why someone has been arrested because is is fundamental right of individual

He has been arrested only one time, but he escaped prison but was not arrested again after that.

of course not i know alot about the Jonas brothers and im sure they've never been arrested.

not that i know of but in the movie awake she is

Nicki minaj has nvr been arrested trust me i know im like her biggest fan ever :D

Justin Bieber never got arrested people made rumors about it,I would know

I know J3T has been arrested & was in jail for a while, and I've heard that J-Dog has been arrested as well, but it's not exactly the sort of thing they generally discuss with their fans, y'know?

yesno but one day she was walking and she litterd and she almost got arrested

No, not that any one knows of

Because she got arrested for something that's all I know and I've been trying to find out about what did she do to be arrested but every one on the Internet say different thing 1st something about Chris Jericho then I open another page that has something to do with JTG! So that's all I know , that shes arrested...

No. He has never been arrested for anything

Miley Cyrus has not been arrested.

no she has never been arrested

It means one has been arrested for a crime and then the charges were dropped before the case got to court. Or one has been arrested faced court and was found to be not guilty.

one of them has Adam said it in a interview

Over the years, there are some University of Miami players who have been arrested. There are some who have been arrested because of drugs, whereas there are those who have been arrested for assault.

No, she has never been arrested, it was just for the video.

no he did not get arrested

no he has never been arrested

he has Been Arrested About 4 Times

Yes, Tupac has been arrested for a lot of things.

No Fernando Torres has never been arrested.

he was never caught. He may have been arrested, just not for the Whitechapel murders. At the height of the Ripper killings, many people were arrested by later released. There were also people being arrested for other crimes. He could have been one of them and nobody figured out he was the killer too.

no he has not he is one of the only rappers to not gone to jail

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