How does one make a stink bomb?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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A stink bombs can be made in various ways. The most easy way is by firstly obtaining a plastic bottle and some wild rhubarb. Then fill the bottle with warm water. Rip up the rhubarb, stick it in the bottle and wait for as long as you can. The longer, the smellier.

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Q: How does one make a stink bomb?
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Where could one find instructions on how to make stink bombs?

One could find instructions on how to make stink bombs online from websites like About. In the Chemistry section of the website, there is a article titled "Stink Bomb Recipes - How to Make a Stink Bomb."

What game do you make a stink bomb on?

You make a stink bomb on big nate island in poptropica.

Where do you get the stink bomb on big nate island?

You make the stink bomb in the Science Room at the school. Mix the yellow and blue chemicals to make green, then heat it. When you are in detention, use the stink bomb to chase the teacher away. (see related question)

How do you get there to the stink bomb store?

You make it in the science lab.

What if you already made a stink bomb and lost it how do you make another one in Big Nate Poptropica?

You don't need another stink bomb. Once it is used, the teacher will not return and you can come and go from the detention room.

When was the stink bomb invented?

kenny gonzales invinted the stink bomb

Can you make a stink bomb?

just keep farting in a bag

Where do you get a stink bomb in big nate on poptropica?

make it in the lab.

How do you take the stink bomb to the detention room?

You have to make the stink bomb in the science lab first. Then you walk over it like any other item that is laying around. In the detention room, click use on the stink bomb card in your inventory and you will place it on the ground.

What do you do in the science room on big nate island?

You have to make a stink bomb.

Can a fart make you pass out?

No but if it was like a stink bomb yes totally

What is better a stink bomb or a fart bomb?

Stink bombs Cos' they smell more.