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To obtain a student visa you first must apply and be accepted to an american institution of higher learning. Then with that acceptance letter you apply for a visa card through the US government.

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You can obtain a Visa student credit card directly from Visa's website by selecting "Visa Student" on the home page. You can also obtain one at many different banks, including US Bank and Scotia Bank.

You can obtain a student visa to attend a school in the United Kingdom by applying at the UKBA Government website. Once on the page, click on "Visas and Immigration" and then "Studying in the UK."

There are a number of requirements to obtain a student visa for Canada. One must first be accepted by a school in Canada. One must be able to prove that they can pay for tuition. One must have no criminal record, be in good health, and prove that they will leave Canada once schooling is completed.

One can obtain an Australian Visa by contacting their government. Their government can instruct them on how to get the visa and will work with the Australian government to get the visa.

That depends what country you need the visa for. The requirements are not the same for every country.

There are many sources of student credit cards. One can obtain a student credit card through companies such as Capital One, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

There are many places where one can obtain an Alaska Airlines visa. One can obtain an Alaska Airlines visa from the official Alaska Airlines website on the web.

It's possible to apply for an Australian visa online through the official government of Australia website. You can apply for a student visa, visitor visa or resident return visa there.

f1 visa allows anyone to live in the united states or outside the USA. A student visa is only allowed for a student. Example- F1 visa-A grown adult from Italy can live in the USA Example-Student visa- any student in the world can live in the USA as long as you have one or the other visa

No. If you are here legally, there is no way to get a social security card. However, if you obtain a student visa or work visa, you will be issued a social security number.

If you want to study abroad in of the leading university/college, then you have to apply for student visa for that particular country. It is one of the easiest visa to apply for.

There are a lot of credit card companies that offer a student card, but if one wants to apply for a student Visa card one can visit their official website.

There are many ways one can obtain student credit cards with Capital One. One can obtain student credit cards with Capital One by applying on their official website.

“where can I obtain a visa form for bolivia”

see the following web site:

One can obtain Visa reward cards from a large variety of different places. A large amount of different companies give out Visa rewards cards when a person buy one of their more expensive products.

If one wishes to obtain a secured Visa credit card, the best course of action would be to obtain one directly from a bank. Several banks offer secured Visa credit cards such as Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and Bank of America.

From an Armenian consulate or embassy.

the only way to get a student visa is by being 13

yes. to travel to Africa you need to obtain a visa. it can be a visitors, student, work, or hardship, meaning family or personal emergency.

You can try from Canada when you will be on Visitor VISA go to the Canadian Embassy and request for the Student Visa.

A student can obtain a college credit card through their college. Many credit card institutions such as MasterCard and Visa visit college campuses to sign students up for credit cards.

If you have a student visa and did not attend classes your visa can be revoked. Student visas are given only to those attending school.

If you mean what is the process of immigrating to the US then there are various ways one can obtain a visa. To obtain a visa you can be a student, married to a US Citizen or permanent resident, have family members in the US, obtain a talent visa, or obtain a conditional working visa proving employment will be available when entering the US. From experience if you are a relative of a US citizen or permanent resident you first have to file the form I-130 located on the USCIS website. For more information about immigrating or getting through to the immigration process go to these websites:

Mexican citizens need a visa to enter Turkey. Some nationalities can obtain a visa at the point of arrival in Turkey, but Mexico is not one of these countries. They need to obtain the visa from a Turkish consulate before they leave.