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In general, there isn't much real difference. Not enough to be concerned anyway. A few different manufacturers have some injector cleaners that may or may not make a difference. Rather than worrying about the BRAND of fuel, just try to get FRESH fuel, meaning that it hasn't been sitting in a tank for a month at the gas station. Always buy fuel at the place that sells the most since it has been refined more recently, that way you'll get far less water and dirt getting into your tank and fuel line. Water condenses in an underground tank (or even an above ground tank) when the fuel is colder than the air. "Fresh" fuel is generally warmer than the air and prevents condensation and keeps you from getting water in your fuel. Also, older fuel tends to build up more particulates through precipitation, you don

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What stock market is Texaco listed on?

Texaco was bought by Chevron

When was Texaco Building created?

Texaco Building was created in 1927.

What was the ticker symbol for Texaco?

Texaco is a subsidiary of Chevron who's ticker is:CVX

What are the Texaco stock history prices?

What was texaco stock price march 1993

Was Texaco oil founded in Texas?

Texaco was founded in Beaumont, Texas in 1901.

When was Texaco Star Theater created?

Texaco Star Theater was created in 1948.

What brand was founded in the state of Texas texaco or Alamo or old El Paso?


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Ambler's Texaco Gas Station was created in 1934.

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What are the Lyrics of the Texaco Commercial produced in the 1950s?

I think it starts out with . . . Oh, We're the men of Texaco,We work from Maine to MexicoThere's nothing like the Texaco of OursI'm not really sure

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I believe that Texaco was a simple shortening of the Texas Company, one of the early oil companies.

Was texaco founded in Texas?


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You can trust your car to the man who wears the star - the big, bright Texaco star!

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Texaco Star Theater - 1948 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

In the 1960 did texaco have business in the Chrysler building?

Texaco Headquarters was located in the Chrysler Bldg until it moved to Harrison NY in 1077-78.

Who is the owner of caltex oil Philippines?

Caltex is the result of a partnership between Socal & Texaco, and is now owned, by Cheveron which too is merged with Texaco.

What are the release dates for Texaco Star Theater - 1948?

Texaco Star Theater - 1948 was released on: USA: 8 June 1948

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A red star.

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Texas Crude Oil