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How does one replace the driver side interior door handle of a 1995 Oldsmobile ciera sl?


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2010-09-22 16:19:20
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First, remove the door panel. This includes removing all the attaching screws, then prying off the panel. There are a few plastic fasteners that will come loose. You can re-use them when re-installing the panel or buy new ones -- they're cheap. Second, take an inventory of the problem. Chances are the connecting mechanism attaching the steel rod to the door handle has busted off. You'll need to purchase a new handle off of E-bay for about $12. To install it, you will have to use a drill (about a 1/8" bit) and drill out the center of the one rivet that holds the handle in place. Once you've drilled through it (it takes a little patience and a good drill bit), the handle falls off. After feeding the endpiece of steel door rod into the new replacement handle, place the handle into place, lining up the hole in the handle to the mounting hole in the door. Then use a thick, short bolt or screw to attach it to the door at the mounting hole. Then re-attach the inside door panel. Done!


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To replace interior Ford fusion door handle you must remove the door panel, take off the old handle and replace with the new one, and then replace the panel back on the door frame.

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Begin by removing the interior door panel. Remove the door handle linkage. Remove the door handle retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new interior door handle.

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You have to remove the door panel to access handle screws. After that you have to disconnect pulling rods and replace the handle with another one.

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To fix a sticking door handle on an interior door, you need a hammer, some nails and a screwdriver. This will help you unscrew the sticking door handle and replace it with a new one.

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Interior door handle plastic wears at the connection point to cable. Interior handle assembly needs to be replaced. Original is riveted in place.

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