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Pennies are made of zinc and other alloys with a copper coating, pennies made before 1964(or around this year) they were made of just copper. What you see on a penny is not rust but corrosion of the copper coating.

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what makes a pennies rust faster orange juice soda?I put the two new pennies in each cup.I waited 1 day .When I woke up I take out two spoons. Then I will put the two spoons in the two cups.Then I will take out the spoons with the pennies that became rusted.The penny in the soda got rusted faster.

material:2 peniies1 pack of index cards1can of soda2 cups1 mug of orange juiceIf I put a penny in orange juice the penny won't get rusted. The orange juice can't make pennies rust because it will just make it wet also the soda. Soda might not make the pennies rust.Orange juice won't make a penny rust because it might make it more orangey.So orange juice can't make a penny rust.

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