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well it is said that plants can help stop global warming. So, they have photosynthesis and do cellular respiration to take in carbon dioxide and make it oxygen. global warming has to do with carbon dioxide. there you go! :)

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Q: How does photosynthesis and cellular respiration relate to global warming?
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Is global warming increased by photosynthesis?


A. burning fossil fuels b. deforestation c. respiration d. population growth Which of them is not a man-made cause of global warming?

Respiration is part of the carbon cycle and does not affect global warming.

Which process helps reduce global warming?


How does photosynthesis help prevent global warm?

Photosynthesis means plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, most global warming is cause by carbon dioxide, people only breath oxygen (and water vapor) and carbon dioxide can't get to our lungs. That's why Photosynthesis helps prevent global warming.

Plants can reduce global warming because photosynthesis requires .?

carbon dioxide

Why has deforestation become a global problem?

Deforestation has become a global problem because forest destruction is one of the main causes of global warming. Through photosynthesis, trees and plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, slowing global warming.

Does global warming affect photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis helps reduce Global Warming by taking in carbon dioxide. If there is too much of it, then carbon dioxide keeps the sunlight inside earth's atmosphere making the earth warmer. This leads on to global warming, but photosynthesis helps reduce parts of the effect. A recent Scientific Article stated that CO2 reclamation could be Adequately Accomplished by the Revisioning of all of Our land use and Agricultural practices.

How does cell respiration affect the environment?

Celluar respiration affects global warming by putting Co2 into the atmosphere and having us breathe it out for them to transimt. But if there is more Co2 into the atmosphere, plants are getting overloaded and they are dying from overdose of O2.

Which of the raw materials used in photosynthesis has been linked to global warming?

One of the raw materials used in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide. The overproduction of this molecule due to the burning of fossil fuels among other human activities has been linked to global warming effects.

Is it 'global warming' or 'global warning'?

Global Warming.

Does chloroplast helps to reduce the effect of global warming?

Yes,it help to reduce CO2 level.CO2 is used in photosynthesis.

How is global warming is related to photosynthesis?

Enzyme reaction rate increse with temperature. So photosynthetic rate increases