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Why are only some of the boys fully clothed

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Q: How does piggy feel about being on the island?
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Who is on ralphs side of the island?


Who left on Ralph side of the island?


Who is left on ralphs side of the island?


How is Piggy's point of view different from the rest of the boys in the book lord of the flies?

Piggy attempts to maintain the reason and order that they inherited from being British while on the island. He is arguably the most mature boy on the island. The rest of the boys are more open to letting themselves go and becoming more savage. Piggy attempts to preserve some civility.

How do the other feel about piggy in Lord of the Flies?

The other boys in Lord of the Flies don't like Piggy.

Why would you feel more sympathy for piggy?

there cute

What question does Piggy ask Ralph twice at the beginning of ch8?

When Piggy and Ralph propose to go over to Jack's side of the island to request his specs back Piggy asks Ralph if it is safe, then if he is safe. This is hugely ironic as they are obviously not safe. Piggy's death occurs in their visit to Jack's side of the island.

Why does piggy get mad at the rest of the group for being careless?

cause piggy is a bossy perfectionist pig.

What item does piggy suggest they build with a stick?

Piggy suggests making a sundial so that the boys on the island can keep track of time.

What does piggy suggest be done with the treasure Ralph has found?

Piggy suggests using the conch shell to call for the other boys who are stranded on the island.

Why is cole sent to the island how does he feel about being there?

hes being sent there because he commented some crimes

What does piggy's death represent?

His death represents the loss of innocence to the boys, and the end of rationality on the island.