Pitcher Plants

How does pitcher plant eat?

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Do humans eat the pitcher plant?


What does a pitcher plant eat?

"What does a pitcher plant eat?"Pitcher plants eat also can eat mice amphibians and other small animals aswell!!! but that's only the really big ones

What kind of insects does the pitcher plant eat?

all of them

What does a cobra plant eat?

A cobra plant eats insects. It is much like a pitcher plant.

How does a pitcher plant eat?

A pitcher plant captures insects and dissolves them to obtain nutrients. These and photosynthesis provide them the necessary energy to grow.

What is the biggest animal a carnivorous plant can eat?

I believe small birds in a Pitcher plant.

Why is pitcher plant carnivorous?

As pitcher plant attracts the insects and eat them, it is carnivorous.

How does a pitcher plant eat insects?

they eat insects with the help of modified leaf called pither

Which plant eat the insects?

Venus fly traps eat insects as well as pitcher plants.

What creatures eat houseflies?

Spiders Venus Fly Trap Pitcher Plant

What special job does each part of the pitcher plant have?

The stem gives the plant water,and the pitchers eat the food!

Is a pitcher plant a fern?

A pitcher plant is not a fern. It is a flowering plant.

What type of plant is the pitcher plant?

the pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant meaning flesh eating. pitcher plants grow all around the world. there is 2 types of pitcher plants the north American pitcher plants, and the tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes.

Why has the pitcher plant adapted to eat insects?

The pitcher plant lacks nitrogen. In order to get nitrogen it catches the insect & digest its protein in an acid solution. The plant can then absorb the nitrogen compounds it needs to make its own compounds.

Which mode of nutrition is pitcher plant?

Pitcher plant is insectivorous.

Is pitcher plant a flowering plant?

Yes the pitcher plant is a flowering plant. It flowers in spring.

Can pitcher plant make its own food?

can pitcher plant its own food 100 / 100 i don't think because it really is a stinky thing do u want to eat it yes u do

What is pitcher plant?

Because the pitcher plant has water inside of it and it looks like a pitcher of water

What is an Australian pitcher plant?

An Australian pitcher plant is another name for a Western Australian pitcher plant - also known as the Albany pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant of Western Australia, Latin name Cephalotus follicularis.

Does the pitcher plant have tap roots?

Yes, pitcher plant has tap roots.

What is the length of a pitcher plant?

A pitcher plant can grow unto 50cm long

Which part of the pitcher plant absorbs sunlight?

The entire "pitcher" of the Pitcher plant contains chlorophyll is green and can photosynthesise

What is an example of a carnivorous plant?

Venus fly trap, Sun dew, pitcher plant and you know even waterlily starts its life by eat an insect.

What group of plants does pitcher plant belong?

The pitcher plant belongs to the Sarracenia Family. :)

How is the Pitcher plant helpful to humans?

The pitcher plant catches bugs and flies and eats them