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Polar bear fur turns yellow due to stains from their own urine.

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Polar Bears are not yellow. They have black skin and white fur. They are probably.

The polar bears fur is transparent.

yes they do. Polar bears have white fur a nd black fur

yes, polar bears have fur.

The fur is actually transparent and has no color but appears white.

No. polar bears have clear fur. not white

Polar bears are black skinned with white fur (actually the fur is hollow and colorless).

Polar bears do not change their fur color they do not change, they may shed but they do not change.

I think polar bears body covering is fur. ????????????????I think polar bears body covering is fur. ????????????????

Polar bears need much fur to keep warm in the cold artic. This is why polar bears are adapted to the artic. Because they have so much fur to use for such cold weather.

the polar bears fur sits down flat in summer in winter their fur is all fluffed up

They don't, the fur is actually almost colorless. The polar bears skin is in fact black.

no silly it has white fur

No. Polar bears have fur, not feathers.

polar bears have clear fur but its covered up with snow and polar bears live in the snow

Oh yes, polar bears are covered in fur, which is white in color. They have four legs.

All polar bears have white fur and black skin.

Polar Bears camouflage snow because of their white fur color.

No. Polar bears, like all bears, have fur.

Its fur, the blubber you are looking at is his testicles.

No. Polar bears have "hollow" fur, not coyotes.

The polar bears outer covering is fur.

A polar bear has a heavy body with strong and muscular legs. They have short, thick, white fur that covers their whole body which helps them to swim. They also have a short tail. They have webbed feet that helps them to swim. But, what most people dont know is that a polar bears skin is actually black. An adults fur looks a little yellow and a cubs (baby polar bears) fur is white. Another thing that people don't know is that polar bears also have blue tongues.

Poachers are obviously killing off polar bears for thier fur.

polar bears survive in a tundra becayse of the bulber and all there fur

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