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Q: How does pollen and some seeds overcome gravity?
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How does the space station overcome gravity?

Answer #1 .Rockets were used to put the space station (and its various component parts) into orbit,thereby overcoming gravity. Once in orbit, gravity continues to be overcome by theangular momentum of the orbiting station. Sometimes it is necessary to use rocketsagain, to add a bit more momentum, since there is still some friction even at that altitude.==================Answer #2 .The parts of the space station certainly needed powerful rocket boosters to raise themabove the atmosphere, and accelerate them to a high enough tangential ('sideways')speed to maintain orbit. But once that job is done, it doesn't take any more work tostay in orbit. I mean, look at the Moon !And actually, for that matter, you would not want the space station to overcome gravity,because gravity is what keeps things in orbits.

How do astronauts do experiments in space with zero-gravity?

Gravity is certainly not necessary in order to do experiments. In fact, there are some experiments that can ONLY be done in zero gravity ... like for example an experiment to determine how seeds decide which way to send roots and where to extend the green shoots when there is no 'up' or 'down', or whether fruit-flies can maintain their sanity in zero gravity and continue their important mating work.

What are some of the problems that needed to be overcome in order for NASA to be able to land men on the moon and return them safely?

The primary concern of any moon landing is the high velocity involved that arises from the effects of gravity. In order to go to any moon, a spacecraft must first leave the gravity well of the Earth.

Why is earth the only planet with gravity?

It's not it just has a unique amount of gravity. Even the moon has some gravity.

How come a person will float on the moon?

Because there is no gravity on the moon. Well, it does have some gravity but the pressure of the moon's gravity is much less than that of the moons, therefore you tend to float.

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How do pollens and some seeds overcome the force of gravity?

Pollens are very light; some seeds have a large surface area. In both cases, they won't fall quickly, and can be carried away by the wind.

What are some ways you can overcome gravity?

Go to space

Why do conifers need 2 types of cones to form seeds?

because some of the cones are male cones, and some of the cones are female cones. the male cones produce the pollen and sperm, and the female seeds contain the seeds.

Can some plants use their own pollen to produce seeds?

YES!BECAUSE: Some plants are self-pollinated. That is, the stigma receives the pollen produced within its own flower. In some cases plants receive pollen from other plants; this process is called cross-pollination.

What is flower fertililzation?

Flower fertilization is when the pollen gets into the female parts of the flower and the seeds start to form. Each ovule or egg needs some pollen to form a seed.

What will happen if the bee transfers pollen from a rose to a flowering tree?

it will just store up the pollen with the other pollen The bee would probably leave some of the pollen from the first flower in the second flower to pollinate the seeds there, and would probably pick up some pollen from the second flower. That's how it works.

Do all trees release pollen?

Not all plants need to make seeds. Ferns and mosses for example do not have to produce seeds to spread.

Why does a rolling ball stop after some time?

Its inertia is overcome by gravity and other factors such as air resistance and friction.

Do seeds in marijuana effect potency?

no. all seeds mean is that the female plant was exposed to the pollen of a male plant at some point. if the grower dosent separate male and female plants, any type of weed could contain seeds.

What happened when the pollinators went into flowers in search of food?

Pollinators eat pollin. Bees will turn pollen into honey. But some of the pollen enters the female organs of the plant and the eggs are fertilized allowing the plant to create seeds.

How do deciduous trees reproduce?

The same way as all other plants - pollen. Some species release their pollen into the wind, some need insects to spread it from tree to tree. Some trees produce nuts, some produce seeds. All use pollen.

Why does the flower need a bee?

Because when they pollinate, they knock some of the pollen onto the sternum, which makes seeds. So without bees, there would be no flowers.